Thursday, May 12, 2011

The plant shopping has begun!

I can always add one more plant.
Yesterday was my first all day plant shopping marathon with Marvelous Marti, my friend and navigator.  I'd never get anywhere if it were not for her and her organizational skills.  All day she kept pulling things out of her smallish sized tote bag that couldn't possibly really hold all that stuff.  It was like watching clowns getting out of the tiny car at the circus.

We outflanked some of the construction zones but still got held up when we came across two semi trucks spooning in the middle of the highway.  Lots of flashing lights, but they were ahead of us, not that was good for us.  

She goes into the garden centers with her clip board and spread sheets showing the plants she is looking for, a spread sheet of what she has already purchased and other documents that appear to have a top secret clearance.  I go in caffeinated and with a credit card.

One of the workers at Kopke's who was helping us was clearly in awe.  He has no idea how much deeper the organizational skills go. She has markers with her name to claim which boxes of plants are hers and not mine. I think she gets suspicious when she finds plants in my yard that she purchased but can't find in hers.  Ooops.  It must have jumped a box.  I have several plants in the garage waiting for me but couldn't tell you what many of them were.  I only remember buying a pink ladyslipper for $30 that had three buds breaking the ground.  Such a steal compared to what I've paid...ooops.  Left Brain may be reading this blog also, so we'll just stop there.

We had a great day and I was so excited when I noticed a restaurant called Taj Mahal on the way to K&W Nursery in Janesville.  Yes, traveling three hours away for the right plants is not a problem for us.  I could hardly wait for lunch and we doubled back to enjoy Indian food.  We were worried it might not be open for lunch but the sign clearly said "lunch buffet".  We leaped from the car and pulled on the doors.  Nothing.  We pushed on the doors.  Nothing.  Then she noticed the sign that said "coming soon".  Rats!  So we went to a lovely Mexican restaurant instead that had an adorable courtyard scene and an even more adorable waiter who asked for our ID's when we ordered the margaritas.  Gotta love that.  

We managed to doge all the thunderstorms with the exception of a brief hail storm.  The rain would let up as soon as we were inside somewhere safe and cozy.  We ended up at Culvers for supper and than again later at another Culvers for ice cream.  I can't wait to see what my Weight Watcher's weigh in today looks like!  Bad girl.  Oh well, it was a fun day of shopping and eating and I'll be working outside most of the day tomorrow finishing the landing pad for the canned ham when the dirt arrives, so I'll be back on track.

Long Live the Queen of Over Eating


  1. Hi Queenie,

    Don't forget that the annual Bluff Country Master Gardeners plant sale is on Saturday, May 14, from 8 AM to 1 PM. You probably won't find such rare plants as you've been buying, but if you need any fillers, they'll have plenty.

  2. Blessed Sacrament is also having a plant sale in the school parking lot on Saturday. Get there early for the best!