Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More plants

There's always room for more!
Yesterday I spent another delightful day with Ms M in search of the perfect plants.  We started at Klinger's in Chippewa Falls and then went to Lucy's for lunch and shopping.  Found a cute black wrap and a scarf to add to my collection of things I never seem to wear.  Now that my jeans are down one size I have renewed interest in dressing nicer, so I'm  fantasizing about the new wardrobe I'll have next year.  
Then we stopped at Chippewa Valley Growers for more plants and exhausted ourselves to the point we needed to visit Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream therapy.  I'm a bit afraid of what the scale will say tomorrow at Weight Watchers. 
Our last stop was at Down to Earth which involved a lengthy backtracking when I failed to spot the correct turn off.  We got to see some places we've never seen before, including a house with a picnic table on the roof.  A pointed roof.  That made us both go hmmm.  We managed to get home about 7PM, early for us.

On the way I made the mistake of sharing a story from my past.  When will I learn not to give her ammo like this?  When I was very young and dumb I would go deer hunting with my first husband.  Love makes you do dumb things.  Love and hunger.  After freezing my butt off walking around the woods and trying to be quiet (never easy for me) I pointed out what we were doing wrong.   After all, I explained, if the government went to all the trouble to figure out where the deer crossed, why not hunt on the road by the sign?  With any luck we could shoot one, it would stagger over to the car and fall across the hood - slam dunk.  Tag it, gut it and drive it home.  He laughed so hard I'm sure we scared away all the deer in the proximity.  Marti thought this was funny also.  It made me not want to tell her that that's why all deer accidents happen on the right side - that's the way the picture shows them coming.  You'd never expect to get hit from the other side, right? 

Long Live the Queen Deer Whisperer

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  1. Gosh, I do love your garden. But that picture of the deer is just gorgeous!!! Did you use a watercolor filter? Whatever, it's beautiful!!!
    And congrats on the smaller size in your jeans!! What a great motivator. Keep up the good work. Hugs, Edna B.