Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boy am I sore from all the work yesterday... needed an extra long soak in the hot tub this morning.  I went to a Fairy Garden Workshop at La Crosse Floral Saturday and then to synagogue.  I've missed so many services as I've been gone or have had company and it felt good to connect again.

I got the kitchen tools from Akia up and they are working great.  It's fun to have everything so handy and it looks a kitchen now where someone actually cooks.  And I I don't have to fake it any more.

It was a misty gray day yesterday, perfect for everything I planted.  I need to stop at Menards to pick up the patio blocks for the new creation in front of the house.  There was no color there so I added a lime green table and two chairs, a trellis and colorful flying fish to brighten things up.  Now I need to find some electric blue pots, perhaps some orange ones also and bright flowers to plant in them.  Now I've got color.

Then 20 more retaining wall blocks to finish the beds behind the house.  I really like the way that's coming along.  It allowed me to transform the straight edges and sharp corners into a gently curving pathway.

I rearranged some rocks in the pond and managed not to fall in, which is amazing when you need to work on a muddy slope facing downward.  It's a good thing I'm accustomed to being on the slippery slope in life on a regular basis.   Doing this hides the plastic liner better when the water level gets low and gives some nice areas for the birds and frogs to sit. 

The pit remains needing more dirt - will order that for next week.  I asked my neighbor if I could borrow his tamper and he said he broke it the day before.  Later in the day he came over with a new, improved one he that I could borrow it.  What a guy! He truly is the Apple Valley Super Hero.

There's just nothing like mucking around in the yard.

Long Live the Queen of Mud

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  1. I can't wait to see photos of your "new" yard. It sounds wonderful. You sound so full of energy, Spring must have finally got to Wisconsin. I would love to have a little "pond" in my yard, but there is no place to put one. Too many trees. Well, I'm off to get ready to go to work. You have a fabulous night. Hugs, Edna B.