Friday, May 27, 2011

Not quite ten pounds...bummer

Before heading out of Dodge I went for my Weight Watchers weigh in and found my weight had gone up a tad.  Also, when entering my last week's weight into my online tracker I found I had only lost 9.8 pounds, not ten.  I am NOT giving back my sticker and I already received my massage reward.  It's like buying something on credit...bummer.  But, I had still been allowed to rock the five pounds of fat.
We have a replica of what five pounds of fat visually looks like.  It's pretty gross and fascinating.

After doing my weigh in I headed to my daughter's house to work on cleaning out the basement.  But first we attended the granddaughter's softball game.  It was thrilling to watch the progress from T-ball to softball.  No longer do they sit in the outfield and string together dandelions or run the bases in the wrong direction.  She caught a line drive while playing second base.  

Actually, I believe the ball hit her, but she managed to bobble it around and maintain a grip on it like a slippery piece of chocolate and made an out. 

I'm not related to this young lady at all, but I loved her eyes and freckles.

On Friday morning after the kids were off to school we tackled the depths of the basement and sorted things into various categories and put things to be donated in the back of my car.  I scored a couple of treasures during this purging...two wigs, one really cool child's sock and some polish money.  One person's trash is another's treasure.  
On the way out of town I dropped them off at one of her favorite charities and made my way home while testing out Maggie Magellan, my GPS.  It will take a while to get used to her, but I'm sure we'll become friends....eventually.

Long Live Queen of the Five Pound Fat Blob

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