Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wrapping up the parrot photos today

Okay, we got all that serious stuff out of the comes the fun stuff.  These effects are best used in small doses as they can get way out of hand fast.  

I'm talking about the distortion feature.
I've shown him once again here so you have a before and after comparison.  First, we're going to take that little tiny eye and make it much, much bigger.  My...what big eyes you have grandma!  This can be used to open up eyes that are squinting into the sun as well as enhancing body parts you'd like to have larger.  I'll leave that to your imagination.

You can also make an image fatter or thinner!  This is a very popular one for people and in case you're wondering about the photos you seen of me so far...yes they have been distorted to make me just LOOK fat...I'm really a size 4.

So, here you can see that I've made him much more svelte than in his original
photo.  And then there's the flip side....yes, it's known as flipping the he's a husky bird.

And that concludes our Photoshop demo of backgrounds, filters and distortion.  

Now go play!

Long Live the Queen That Runs With Her Scissors!

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