Thursday, March 31, 2011

On my way to a new me

It's time to change those habits!
In our culture we always want everything bigger.  Super size me is our motto.  Well, I've decided I want to be a lesser woman now.  Even though I've explained to Left Brain that I'm twice the woman I was when we married...that's not always a good thing.
It's time to be responsible and cut back on my portions and get more exercise.  Why do I feel a sense of remorse and dread when saying that?  Are we so conditioned to "have it all" that it follows we must eat it all also?  Why is having "enough" not enough?  Have American's weight problem gotten so out of hand because we are by nature greedy?  More...more...more.  More things...more money...more food.
One of the rare photos of myself, I avoid
the camera at all costs and only subjected
myself to this shot for the inherent humor
All my life I had been a scrawny skinny thing, until age 40.  Then my world shifted drastically and for the first time I experienced the sensation of being chubby.  Well, that's a nice way to say it...I'm fat. And this is no anorexic ramblings...I am what I am.
When I was nine months pregnant with my son 40 years ago, my weight peaked at 135 pounds.  I'd never been so big in my life!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think there would come a day that I would love to get my weight back down to that weight.  I'm realistic enough to know I will never be 110 pounds again, and that's okay.  But it does feel sad to set a goal of being nine months pregnant.
I picked up a book today called "the Eat This NOT that diet" that I saw on the Rachel Ray show.  It shows the best choices for breakfast and lunch at many restaurants, packaged foods and has many recipes.  I like the comfort of knowing I won't have to stop eating out altogether or ignore certain foods completely.  I feel ready and excited and almost feel my waist shrinking already.

Long Live the Queen of the Queen Sized Jeans.


  1. I shall try again to leave a comment. The last time my PC started to freeze and I had to leave. I am most inspired by your new project to lose the "chubbiness." I need to do that too. I have managed to go down one size in my jeans, and now I'm hoping to make that a new trend. Good luck to you and me!!

    I love your comfy kitty picture. Ah, what a life!! Now I have to get ready to keep my appointment with the accountant. Oh goodie!! You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. It all starts with the realization, right? Lucky for others, they get the enlightenment early on in their lives, while some of us see the light quite late. But it's okay, because everything starts from somewhere. So don't think that change is overdue for you. Age and white hair are nothing when you really want to develop a new side of yourself!

  3. That's a deep American way of thinking that's difficult to overcome. How's your diet as of now? People reading your blog should be inspired by your realizations, too. Good thing you've come to that. :)

  4. "Super size me is our motto." - I definitely agree with this! This is one reason why the number of Americans considered obese and overweight is high. This is a mindset that needs to be changed as soon as possible because, no matter what we do to lose weight, if we don’t change our way of thinking, it will all be put to waste.