Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Early spring flowers

Like most Wisconsiner's I get excited to see any straggly looking thing that's still alive under the snow and mud.  We have heavy clay where I live, so it's impossible to walk about the yard without leaving craters where you've stepped, so I must survey my domain with a long lens from my windows for right now.

Photo taken March 19, 2011
One of my earliest flowers that comes up is the Hellebores, or Lenten Rose.  It emerges with it's green leaves right up in the midst of's so brave.  And even subsequent snow showers don't hold it back.  

Photo taken March 21st
The rate of growth is what amazes me, so I've been photographing it every couple of days to show the rate of speed at which it develops.

Now I realize it still  doesn't look like much, but this was only taken two days later.  Pretty impressive growth I'd say!  I wish the rest of my garden would develop that fast.  Of course, as I post this the snow is blowing again.  Sigh.

What plant?  Oh, you wanted to keep that one?
Another thing that helps is that deer will not eat this plant.  That alone makes it a favorite of mine.

Long Live the Queen of the Deer Resistant Garden

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  1. It's exciting to watch the new growth popping up from the ground. I think I'll start taking photos of mine too. And Wow! What a great photo of your deer! I think I would love having them visit to my yard. But it would not be so safe for the deer. You did a great job on the photo. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.