Friday, March 4, 2011

Wisconsin Gardener video

Since my head is too stuff to write much today, I am going to post the Wisconsin Gardener video that Wisconsin Public Television did a few years back.  It was a joy working with Shelly Ryan and we had a lot of fun that day.  As I look at the snow covered ground, I just needed to see how it looked before to maintain the belief that it will be green again someday.


  1. loved tip toeing, via video, through the do not enter gate into paradise of green. How grand to see a frog. I now have hope for spring, and perhaps a deer-proof area! Cheryl, you are a shining light of fun and creativity. lois

  2. I remember you talking about this video. Cool that I got to see it, finally. I need to check out your garden sometime. Looks like a really cool place!