Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Difficulty coping

We're all struggling with readjustment to outside of the RV.   Who could imagine two people creating this much laundry?  There is a small mountain sitting in the center of the floor that we are both successfully ignoring.

She Devil is in a funk and wants to be held all the time....or go for a ride...I'm not sure what her issues are.  She looked out at the snow this morning and has been moping around ever since.  Might take her for a ride later to the vet as she continues to sneeze, something she developed shortly after Valentine's Day.  I've developed a sneeze also.  I wonder if she'd be willing to take a look at both of us.

Because of the extra space, nothing seems to be getting put away...solely because we can move around it.  The living room looks a little like that television show about hoarders.  

The refrigerator is much larger but has less in it than in the camper because I haven't been grocery shopping yet.  The RV is still hooked on the car because we may have found storage for it in Galesville later today.

Even though our wonderful neighbor sent us mail during our journey, we still had a good sized box of it to go through when we returned. It's less exciting to open it here.

I suppose the first step to solving all these dilemmas would be to get up and actually DO some of the above mentioned chores, but it's like we're numb.  It's not like I'm going to sit outside in the cabana and drink Margaritas today.  Sigh...I need a vacation.

Queen of Back to Reality


  1. I've also found I need down time after coming home from a trip.
    This is a big change for you. From going hot weather to cold, little living space to large, etc.
    Take your time with the chores. There's always tomorrow(or next week).

  2. Please don't stop blogging just because you're home.