Friday, March 25, 2011

It's gonna be a strange day

The morning started normally enough.  I woke with the feeling that someone or something was staring at me.  When my left eye managed to crack open I could see pointy black ears on the other side of the covers.  Then the green eyes came into focus followed by the demanding meow.  
I have learned to rouse quickly when She Devil summons me, otherwise the stare is followed by a sniffing and breathing in my ear and then  followed by an overly loud meow.  If I am fool enough to ignore THAT, then my hair is taken in her mouth and yanked.  She is very persistent.
I mentioned this to Left Brain over breakfast and he admitted he was approached first with the stare, but rolled over and ignored her.  He can't hear in the ear that was up and has no hair, so I am the easier mark.
The other day I had a message from the neighbor that he felt sorry for my poor cold legs.  How does he know....?  Oh, the legs outside the garage.  They had blown over and out the their planter and were sprawled like a drunk (well, half a drunk) in the snow.  I stood them up on the other side of the garage to await some adornment.  This morning as I drove away they were outfitted in a beautiful pair of ski pants and looked very comfy!  When I came back after running my errands (that's what I tell Left's really just running to Hancock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby - my home away from home) the legs were bare again except for their red and white socks.
I will have to dig around in the basement and find some old jeans for her her to wear and perhaps some boots until the weather gets warmer.  Then I plan to tuck them under some bushes or trees so the neighbors will think it's me crawling underneath to pull weeds.
Oh, they'll never buy that!  I don't pull the weeds that are visible and my mannequin legs certainly doesn't have my butt.
Long Live the Leggy Queen

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