Thursday, March 3, 2011

Head cold or depression?

I'm in a fog, my head is throbbing and my nose is stuffed up.  I think it's just a head cold, but could I be allergic to snow?  I feel like I've just been thrust into a very bad reality show and I'm likely to be the first one voted off the island.

My friends take great joy in this of course, they're like sharks smelling blood.  Yep, that's the kind of friends I have. Apparently they have been shoveling snow and feel I was missing something by not being there.

"We ordered a snowstorm for you" writes Suzie Q as she continues to slaughter me in Face Book Scrabble.  I wrote back "you shouldn't have...really, I mean it.  You shouldn't have."

Glass Girl called to arrange a movie in Friday so we can talk and catch up.  It will annoy those wanting to hear the movie, but hey...we haven't seen each other.  She reminded me of how much her back hurts from shoveling the snow. Yeah, yeah...I GET it.

The mother of the girl I tutor on Mondays called to set up our appointment this coming Monday to resume the reading and math lessons.  She broke her ankle on Valentine's Day from slipping on the ice.

At least the Divine Miss M was nice to me as she chatted on her way back from Omaha.  I get whiny about driving two and half hours to see my grandchildren and she drives off alone to Omaha and was thrilled by it.  I need to kick my grand mothering up a notch I guess.

I'm looking forward to seeing my son and presenting him with his souvenir tee-shirt.  I think it's a hoot...we'll see what he thinks about it.  He does seem to share my perverse humor, so it might be okay. He owns River City Irrigation and plows snow in the off-season and commented how sick of plowing he was.

I feel guilty having escaped the throes of snow and cold and leaving my friends behind while I sweat in 80 degree heat in my shorts.  I should have stayed and suffered through it with them, not run away from it.  Hmmpf!  Right.  I think we'll leave earlier next year.

Long Live the Queen of Little Sympathy

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  1. Gosh, I've missed so much!!! We don't get a chance to use the internet hookup very often, so i had a lot to catch up with here. Su and I are going to try to visit that Whimsical museum while we're here. I also want to find lots of new things to photograph. Right now I'm working on a collection of palm tree photos for a friend.

    I agree though, no matter how nice it is here, it's always great to get home again. Alas, after a few days back home, I will be needing a vacation too.

    Miss Tootsie did very well on the plane ride, but then did not go potty for a day and a half. But then, oh boy oh boy!!! She walked around and did her best to let me know that she was here with me!! Gosh, I just love that kid!

    People are looking at me funny for not sharing this laptop connection so I think I'll have to go now. Keep on writing. I really miss you when I can't log on. Have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.