Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

I guess it's true that on St Patrick's Day everyone is Irish.  I know I certainly feel Irish today, what with me green fur and all.  I'm not sure that this was really necessary, but the Queen does assure me it will wash right out of my....wash!  Ooooh...I'm sensing a bath.

Anyway, she wanted to show you what the photo looked like to start with.  Not one of my more flattering ones.

I feel so I'm floating!
Then she used what she calls the "Magic Extractor" to cut out the background.  There are days when I'd like to use the Magic Extractor on her, but thumbs to work the computer.

She's been very busy running around with her friends lately since Left Brain is gone, so I've had a lot of quiet time lately.  She'll pay for that later.

Gotta go- I hear her opening the tuna can for supper.

Long Live She Devil

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  1. She's right, the green will wash right out. As for the bath, just close your eyes and think of happy things, and it will be over before you know it. Cheer up, I think you're beautiful! Hugs, Tootsie.