Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bloody Jack Series

My cousin Shayna has gotten me started with the Bloody Jack series, and now I can't stop.  Thanks Shayna.
The first in the series is Bloody Jack and isn't about a murderer, but rather about an orphaned girl in England who manages to remove herself from living in the streets to getting aboard a ship disguised as a young boy.
I finished that one and went on to the next one called The Curse of the Blue Tattoo which deals with her being found out, removed from the ship and placed in a finishing school for young ladies.  G-d save me from ever being sent to a finishing school, since I would fare about as well as she does.  I finished that one last night and have moved on to the third in a series about her leaving the boarding school and boarding a whaling ship.  But, I've only just loaded that on my Kindle, so I can't give any thoughts on it yet.
Long Live the Queen of the Kindle


  1. This sounds like a series that my youngest granddaughter would like. She loves to read, and would enjoy this. Maybe I'll give it a try too. Thanks for the info. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. I knew you'd enjoy them and what a better day than today to read. We got about 12 drifty inches of snow here last night. School is canceled today. I just came in from shoveling and about killed my back it's so heavy. The trees are sagging about three feet. So near the house and trees I had to squat and shovel which isn't easy.