Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paddy O'Possum

One of our stranger visitors to the yard is our opossum.  We decided he must be Irish because he shows up around St Patrick's Day and well...he's an O'Possum.
They are a strange looking creature with their scaly tail and frost bitten ears.  You'd think they would have evolved enough by now to have more substantial fur to be out in the winter or learn to hibernate.  I feel like I should knit a little red hat for him.
They are nocturnal and solitary...much like the Norwegian bachelor farmers that live in our area.

When he smiles I can almost imagine him talking about eating some fava beans with a nice Chianti...he has that Hannibal Lector smile with 50 teeth.  Add the fact that they have a forked penis and you get one strange creature.  No I am not making that up! The really odd part (and also true according to Stoke's guide) is that the mating pair will have more success if falling to their right side.  Those that remain upright or falling to the left are less likely to conceive.  There's a little trivia for you to tuck away.

Their vision is poor and when Simcha was still alive the possum would sit outside of the patio door and she would charge the glass in a frenzy.  So close and yet so far away.

Long Live the Queen of Possums

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