Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eye's of March

Maybe it's from waking each morning with She Devil boring her eyes into my skull, but I'm starting to feel I'm being watched all the time.  I guess it's just that habit of seeing faces everywhere I look.

When we were in Arizona last year, I noticed this cactus and how it was watching me.  I named it the "sock monkey" cactus.

I do realize we are past the Ides of March, but consider these the Eyes of March.

Lately, the trees in the woods seem to be observing as I walk along the trails looking for signs of spring blooms.  Maybe they're just looking for them also.

I can imagine Robert DeNiro's voice saying..."I'm watching you".  Ooops!  I wasn't going to talk about hearing voices yet.

And one more posting of the Chicken Church which people seem to be enjoying as Easter approaches.  To answer many questions about this, no I have not altered anything on this photo.  This is exactly the way I shot it.  It's believed the architect was some dumb 

Long Live the Queen of Paranoia

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