Saturday, March 19, 2011

I see green things!

This isn't from this year, but it's a reminder that spring IS coming.
It's been a balmy spring day here in Wisconsin, with temperatures soaring around the mid fifties and there's wild talk about getting into the sixties.   I spotted some of my bushes and pulmonaria poking their way up through the snow and mud. It reminded me of the line in "Young Frankenstein" where Gene Wilder says "it's's alive".
I'm guessing this is what caused my temporary lapse of sanity.
While out on the deck pulling down the last of the clematis from the pergola to feed to the deer and fixing the bird feeder (again) and refilling it (again) after the latest assault by the raccoons I noticed that there was more bare deck than snow.  I was already covered in dry dead foliage and bird seed, so I grabbed a shovel and started in. 
I pushed some of it into the pond where it will melt and keep the water level up and threw some of it on the ground.  This may seem absurd to those who don't deal with snow.  Why not wait and let it melt?  Why shovel it from one spot to another?  Isn't that just an exercise in futility?  But those in Wisconsin can relate and know how good it feels to see an area without the snow.
Also, you have to understand that I live on the "shady side" of the street.  My neighbors across the street and up on the hill enjoy more sunshine and green grass than we on the north side do.  You might say that we've been stuck where the sun don't shine.  The neighbors will be getting ready to mow their yards and I'll still be dealing with the last of the big snow drifts back there in the shade and the mud that prevents walking on the ground at all for fear of being stuck. It's a horrible sound when your shoe stays in the muck and your foot pulls free.  Where can you go really?
But it's springtime in Wisconsin and it's good enough for me!
Long Live the Queen of Spring Fever

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  1. Oh, I just love that photo of the daffodil!!! It's perfect with the snow as a ray of hope for Spring. Yes'm, it surely did make my day!! Do you mind if I share your photo on my blog? It's such a beauty.

    I just got back from the car dealership where I bought my new car. I had to go to get my safety sticker, but the computer is down so I'll go back another day.

    Our snow (in my yard) is mostly all gone. There are still a couple of small piles, but they won't last long now. Thank goodness. Now we can finally get to work on cleaning out the little garden. I can't wait to start ordering my flowers and plants.

    You have a great day now, hugs, Edna B.