Friday, November 1, 2013

Photoshop fun - walkway to beach

This was the little boardwalk to the beach.  I loved the sea grass on the edges with a glimpse of the ocean ahead.

This is the original shot.

Then I wondered what it would look like at sunset but was too lazy to go back and wait for the sun to set, so I faked it here.

I really love being able to enjoy a nice sunset during the daytime.

But these are too easy and I will have to start studying my photoshop books to learn some new guest posters continue to inspire and outdo me!

From Judi we have this image....

and from Andrea there is this one...

What is with all the wrinkly butts lately? Apparently Miss Edna has inspired a new trend.

Long Live the Queen of Sunset Memories

Next weeks challenge is:


  1. What fun ... I love that you are doing this, though I think you have a fixation on beach scenes. I am going to have to stretch my imagination to deal with this one. How many more sea monsters can I dream up? Well, this will be a test. I have to say both you and Judi came across with beauty ... enjoyed them both Queen of Beach Scenes.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. I love the original, and the sunset. I am a realist, so I relate to teal pictures and scenes. I love enjoying your creative exercises and admire your results.

  3. Oh my, these are wonderful!!!! You did a great job wtth the sunset scene, and the memories image is heartwarming. But my hat 's off to Andrea's fabulous beach-going couple who are off for a day in the sun. It tickles the funny bones. I so wanted to participate, but seem to be walking around in a fog all day today. I'll do better on the next one. Thanks so much, this is fun. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Maybe I can finally respond. I kept trying to, while we were on the road, but couldn't post. I love Andrea's elephant. That is so cool. Thanks for including us all in on these challenges, Cheryl. Gets the old brain and imagination working.