Saturday, November 2, 2013

While Strolling Thru the Park One Day....

After taking a walk around the park on Friday we found a brochure for a flea market about an hour away.  Since we had nothing better to do and it was another hot and sticky day, we cranked on the AC for George and Gracie and headed out for a road trip.

As soon as we arrived I knew I had to find a restroom muy pronto and since I couldn't figure out where they were I went into a booth and asked one of the vendors.  As I turned and walked away I realized I was in a pet boutique and they had an entire fleet of pet strollers!

After taking care of business and grabbing a bite to eat we did a little retail therapy, ending at the pet place. to make the big decision.

I decided to go with the red stroller since it would look nice with our dark RV.  It wasn't the brand or exact model I would have liked, but it was there and the price was reasonable based on research I'd done. I could hardly wait to show the fur kids our new toy.

When we got home I brought it into the RV, set it up and christened it with a little catnip and tossed in some treats to entice them to go sit in it and give it their scent.

After it cooled off a bit I took Gracie for a short spin down the street.  Then I put her in the tent and took George for his victory lap.  Left Brain had to go bring her into the RV as she raised such ruckus and was howling so...she's such a diva!

So after I returned with our nocturnal stroll I added Gracie to the stroller with George and we went out again.  I'm only taking them about a block to get them used to it gradually.

It was dark by this time and I needed to carry a flashlight with me. At each street light I'd stop to check on them and talk with them about how cool this was. It really felt good to be out in the night air for a stroll.

I have to resist taking them for too long a ride, I want them to be eager to get into the stroller for these jaunts and we'll work our way up to longer walks slowly.

They seem to like it and after a little wiggling around both sat facing forward to watch the night activity.  I was so anxious to share the experience again with them in the early morning when there's daylight, but alas I woke this morning to the sound of rain.  So instead this afternoon we'll head out in search of a theatre to watch 'Last Vegas'.  Maybe it will be nice enough when we return for a quick stroll.

Long Live the Streetwalking Queen


  1. cute. I would've done a stroller for Bear but he was a big boy thus the wagon. Once Bear got used to the wagon, he loved it. I like the red :-)

  2. You and Edna will be matching pairs with your strollers! I didn't have one that nice for our kids 50 years ago...I think they were called buggies then! Enjoy...maybe George needs to be in it with Gracie!

  3. I'm so glad you got a stroller for George and Gracie. You guys are going to love it. Mine has been a blessing, enabling Pogo to go lots of places with me. In a way, I'm sorry my stroller is pink, but then again, Tootsie was a girl. Pogo doesn't seem to mind the pink color. Enjoy the show, and happy walking with the furry kids. Hugs, Edna B.