Monday, November 4, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

Before I post my orange thing, I want to share the image sent by Miss Edna for last Friday's challenge.

It was too sweet not to share and I know if I wait until the next Photoshop Friday I won't remember.

First I must explain that the following photo is not mine, but belongs to Chaseburg Mama.  It's kind of a sad story, as she is no longer with us, the chicken that is....she has flown the coop.

Her name was Dixie and yes, she was the leader of the hen house chorus called, appropriately enough, the Dixie Chicks.  Her sweet clucking will be missed by the ensemble.

It seems that the local raccoon had developed a craving for orange chicken that night, and even though he had already eaten one know how it is with Chinese hour later you want more.  The excitement generated by his late night visit has been described as a fluster-cluck and sent excited hens left and right.

She will be missed.

Long Live the Queen of Cravings for Orange Chicken


  1. Oh dear, naughty raccoon!! What a beautiful chicken. I've never seen one that looks like this one. I wonder how the raccoon got in the coop area? No fence? Poor chickie. My daughter Audrey has always wanted to raise some chickens, but maybe it's good that she doesn't. It would break her heart if something snuck into the chicken yard and ate her feathered babies. Oh my. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.