Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Park wildlife

It makes no sense to me at all where you find wildlife. We can be out in the seclusion of a remote area and see nothing.  And then we can be in an RV resort and see all kinds of things.

This falcon was sitting on the RV next door to us- I managed to snap this through the window.
The Blueberry Hill RV Resort is surrounded by a moat, which I found fitting for the Queen in her castle. Well, Left Brain just corrected me...it's not really a moat, it's for rainwater run off.  Anyway, there's water all around the edges of the park and this attracts a lot of beautiful birds.

And they are both small and large.  The larger ones are lovely cranes and absolutely fearless as they stroll through the resort.  They are even comfortable enough to lay down and take a little nap next to the road.

It's nice to see they look both ways when crossing the road.

As you can see here, cars driving by do not frighten them at

I was able to stand about 10 feet away to snap these images.

I probably could have gotten closer, but I was the one who was afraid.  These guys are right at my eye level and that beak looks pretty lethal to me.

We also have dragonflies buzzing all over the place. I haven't been able to photo one of the really huge ones yet, but this guy was pretty nice.

There's also a bunch of ibis in the pond across the road from the park...oh wait, Left Brain is explaining it's not really a pond...it's something about water retention or run off or whatever.  It's a lovely pond and as soon as I capture some ibis photographs I will post them.

Long Live the Queen of the Crane


  1. This is my favourite bird. I adore them, and have written about them. Beautiful pictures. Gorgeous. Thanks!

  2. Edna and I saw the long legged birds outside of a Japanese resturant in Orlando...waiting for the carry-outs they thought were for them! We were so close we either cut off their legs or heads...needed smaller lens! Enjoy Florida...and post the dragonflies...we have so few here that it's almost impossible to catch them.

  3. Wow, I love the wildlife there!! Those are Sandhill Cranes, and yes, we got lucky and were able to get some great photos of them one year in Florida. They are really beautiful and quite fun to watch. The park you are in sounds (and looks) quite nice. Your photos are wonderful. Have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. That is amazing ... to be able to get so close to the sandhill cranes. Lovely photos. Sounds like you are on another adventure.