Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things are starting to roll nicely now

I have my laptop back with the new keyboard, so I don't have to constantly backspace to fix all the spots that the space bar failed to insert.   No more trying to fix my own keyboard!  It also means no more using the laptop as a ...well, laptop for eating. I guess I took that a bit too literal.  Watermelon and computers are a really bad combination.

Today we had a ladies luncheon and seven of us headed out to a local restaurant to get to know each other better.  Now I'm starting to feel like I belong here, even though most of them come for the six months each year and know each other well.

Just kidding, we didn't actually eat here.

This is the hazard of being a full-timer, you're always the new kid on the block.  So, you just have to get in there and make friends quickly to take in all the activities offered.

And finally!  Pickleball was officially on the schedule today at 2:30.  As I approached the court I was greeted with the pleasant boinck boinck boinck sound of the game.  There were three people playing, so I was able to get into the game with them.  Left Brain had spent the day waxing the RV and was not quite up to joining me today.

After the game ended I sat on the bench and chatted with one of the ladies who became a widow five months ago.  Then we both went back to our homes and I packed up George and Gracie for a stroll around the park.

Late afternoon is a fabulous time for a stroll.  The sun is going down, the air is cool and the sandhill cranes often fly directly overhead or sometimes land in the empty lots.

Long Live the Queen of Pickleball


  1. I think it's those sandhill cranes that make you feel more at home too. :)

  2. I'm glad to hear that you have your laptop back and working the way it should. This is one item we don't like to be without. My goodness, the looks of that restaurant leave a lot to be desired. lol. I see you've found that your stroller is worth it's weight in gold. I'll bet George and Gracie love it too. Now I'm off to finish my PS Friday and do a bit of shopping. You have a wonderful day, hugs,. Edna B.