Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dinner OR a movie

Remember when a hot date was dinner and a movie?  Well, after our experience seeing Gravity 3D we are altering our usual movie experience.

Many times we attend the movie closest to lunch time and have popcorn and soda for our meal, and have enjoyed this...until lately.

It seems that if you are the first movie of the day you get stuck with the stale popcorn from last night.  Not only stale...but overpriced.,

The tickets were $22 due to the special 3D glasses you wear and then give back and the one large popcorn and one large soda was $19.  If the popcorn was tasty maybe I could overlook it since you can refill it for free.  We took half the bag home to feed to the blackbirds and they didn't look thrilled about it either.

So our new approach will be to have lunch prior to the movie and smuggle in our beverages when the costs are this high.

Oddly enough, we've been to other movies where the popcorn was only $5 and the soda $4.  It's the same stuff so I'm not sure why the wide discrepancy.  Needless to say we won't be revisiting that theatre anytime soon.

Long Live the Queen of Cheap Dates


  1. I think even $5 & $4 is too much to pay for the popcorn and soda. I do feel however, that if theatres are going to grossly overcharge the public for food and drinks, they should at least give them fresh, large, refillable sizes. But what do I know? I don't do movie threatres. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.


  2. And they wonder why people stay home and watch their movies on their DVDs. Or wait ... which came first ... maybe they have to charge high prices in order to cover the business lost to people staying home and watching DVDs. Or maybe they are just greedy and trying to gouge us like everyone else in the business world ... hmmm . Seems like lots of choices there .. maybe they are all right (or wrong). My Hubby has decided to be a hermit and we don't go to movies any more ... we are one of the ones staying home to watch them on DVD. My daughter, on the other hand, loves going to the movies, so I get to go see the movies she likes and yes, we buy popcorn and a pop and pay through the nose for it. It is worth it to get her out, but I still grumble to myself while I am paying for it. As a cantankerous Old Poop, I may have even commented about what a rip it was .. but it does no good because I am ripping on the poor kid who just works there and not the Greedy Old "B" that sets the prices so there is no comfort in that. I think sitting outside and watching nature unfold is a better experience anyway ... and it's free:) So pop up some popcorn and go outside and then you will really be Queen of Cheap Dates ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. No matter what you just return the popcorn and tell you want some from the 'new' batch. I used to be a concession girl... yes, night before popcorn is bagged up now in the evenings instead of tossing. Marcus just started a 45 Tuesday matinee in addition to the senior Fridays. Of course , the good movies weren't even here last week.