Sunday, November 10, 2013

People...meeting people

There are so many benefits to living this lifestyle of a nomad on wheels.  In addition to a constantly changing horizon is the parade of interesting people that we meet.

We took off willy-nilly searching for lunch and just drove until we found what looked like a sweet spot to dine.  We found a hidden treasure in a tiny little town called Floral City.

The Florida Artist Gallery and Café is exactly artist gallery in one building and a smaller building next door
houses the café.

Imagine stepping up onto the porch of what appears to be a small cottage home.  Once inside you are taken in by the music, original artwork for sale and the cozy atmosphere.

The tables are draped in vintage tablecloths, the place settings feature fine china with linen wrapped silverware.  The mood is one of home and anticipation of good things to come, and they certainly delivered.

Since the space is small there are only about five or six tables and you are invited to be seated alone if there is room or to join others.  We opted to be seated with two ladies and enjoyed a lively conversation while waiting to order.

These two sisters have both traveled extensively and it was fun to trade travel adventures of places far away.

I had planned on having the pot roast, but they were all out of that.  Our second option was the meatloaf and we found that our dinner guests had ordered the last two servings.  So we both opted for the ham, cheese and broccoli quiche made with a potato crust.  It was tasty to the eyes and palate.

When we heard the dessert options my heart leaped at the mention of carrot cake.  I do like to get more vegetables any chance I can.  But, alas, the last piece was being split by "you know who", our new tablemates.

Left Brain ordered chocolate chip cookies and he loved them, I found them dry and bitter.  He likes the dark chocolate more than I do, so I gave him mine and ordered the key lime pie.  Oh my...this has to be the best key lime pie I've ever had.  I'm so glad the other options were removed from the table.

We lingered for a while after finishing our meal as the lunch rush was over by then and I hated saying goodbye to our new friends.

Sometimes things just work out this way and I've learned not to be upset when I don't get what I think I wanted and when my attitude is open I find that sometimes the substitution is better than what I originally desired.

Long Live the Queen of Serendipity


  1. This was interesting! I will also take the key lime pie!

  2. So will you be staying at this location long enough to make it back to this place again ... and maybe again. It sounds wonderful, though I think I would have been a little ruffled by the constant "we are out of that" routine. I know that when the business is small they can only make so much ... maybe getting there earlier would work. I do agree with you though ... the fact that you ended up with Key Lime Pie ... not just any Key Lime Pie, but the best ever, well that was pure luck. The cards were stacked in your favor even though it took a little doing to figure that out. And, you met some new friends. So, at what point do you have too many friends ... I mean, how to you keep up with everyone. But, I have to admit, being able to meet and spend time with interesting people is a treat even if it doesn't turn into a long term affair :) So, how well you know what a great life you have chosen to lead ... and thanks for taking us along for the ride Queen of Sharing :)

  3. I can't tell you how much I enjoy pushing the "Publish" button and having it Publish without going through that whatever it is called thing that you finally got rid of ... Thanks for that too, Queen of Considerate :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. What a fabulous little restaurant. And I have to agree, that sometimes even though we think we know what we want, the substitutions can be so much nicer. You are right, we need to have an "open" attitude. Meeting new people is definitely a plus. This is a part of this lifestyle that I would really enjoy. By the way, that key lime pie sounds scrumptious!! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. I think I would have started with the Key Lime Pie. :)