Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy birthday to my son

Well, it was forty-three years ago when I gave birth for the first and only time.  I had planned to have three children during my life, but then I gave birth and altered those plans.

It just seems like yesterday that I was sitting in the Bingo hall and having this strange sensation that something wasn't right...labor had begun.

Being all of 19 years old and dumb as a rock I chose to crawl into bed, pull the covers up over my face and I was just sure that when I woke up this would all just be a nightmare.  Nope....it was real.

Fearing being stuck with me in the boonies and snow, my husband took me to the hospital right away.  This was back in the old days where they made the husband wait in the waiting room so I was on my own here.  I had no idea what to expect except for watching my cat have kittiens.  It didn't look so hard, I could do this.

Hold Mother of G-d!  This was nothing like having kittens!  Maybe if there were five or six smaller bodies exiting one at a time it would be okay, but this was one large child trying to make a break for it.

The nurses commented on how nicely I was performing my Lamaze breathing.  They didn't smirk or laugh (at least not to my face) when I told them I just  mimicking what my cat did when she delivered and was hoping it would help.  I remember being very adamant that I was NOT going to eat the afterbirth like she did, no matter how it might be prepared.

Eventually (like 22 hours later) things started to really happen and my legs were put into the stirrups and securely tied down, as well as my arms.  Yup, they restrained you back in those days so you wouldn't hurt the baby.  They also assumed you would not be nursing and gave me an injection to dry up the milk without even asking what my wishes were. As ignorant as I was that was probably a good idea.

In spite of my youngness and inexperience he grew into a fine man who lives independently and owns his own business. 

Happy Birthday Joe!

Long Live the Queen Mother


  1. Every mother reading this is throwing her head back in loud exuberant laughter ... Been there, done that and haven't forgotten a second of it, Ha! In my case though, I was older but not wiser. I thought I knew what to expect because my mother was an OB nurse, but that all went out the window with the first hard contraction. OMG, you would think I would have made the same decision you made ... Never again. But, no, I had to try one more time (that was my plan ... remember "0 population growth" ... replace yourselves and don't increase the population). There are a lot of people today wishing that had been a successful campaign. Well, I digress ... with my second pregnancy I didn't even think about the pain until we were in the car racing to the hospital because my water broke ... I remember thinking Oh Shitake ... like I said, older, but not wiser :) It was all worth it because I had my boy and girl which is what I wanted ... then I had to go about learning about life so I could teach them ... another story for another time, right? Great Post Queen of Wisdom ... and Happy Birthday to your lucky son, who has a Queen for a Mother:)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Happy Birthday to your son. He's very lucky to have such a wonderful Mom. Childbirth is something we never forget. What I always found so awesome was that the tiny bundle placed in your arms really did turn into a full grown human man or woman. To this day, I am still amazed at the perfection of a new baby's form. All the little parts are there and are so perfect. Hmmmm, Now in my older years, I'm happy with little doggies. You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Happy birthday to your son...and to you who did the necessary hard work to get him here safely, and raise him. Hugs.