Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New toys for Left Brain for his birthday

Left Brain has always been enchanted with aircraft of any kind and has owned several little helicopters.  But they were always the cheaper, small ones that the slightest breeze would take away.  It was time to step it up.

He found a hobby store in Wildwood, not that far from here and since it was a rainy day we set out on a little road trip to go look at it.

They had exactly what he was looking for and after he put down his cash he left the store a happy boy.

This model is sturdy enough to carry a small camera, what fun to be able to spy on the neighbors or get an aerial shot of our RV.

It has some kind of GPS thing that allows it to be told to come back and land itself exactly where it took off from.

He's been having a great time test driving it in the empty lots next door to us.  It certainly is a magnet for every guy in the neighborhood.  As soon as it's flying they swarm by to see what he's doing.

Now he's ready for some high-flying adventures.  I guess we'll have to invest in the GoPro camera soon to catch the action!

Long Live the Queen of the Fly By Night Men


  1. I knew it. You're behind all those drones.

  2. Happy Birthday, Left Brain!!! What an awesome plane. I'll be looking forward to seeing some of the photos taken when you get the camera for it. Those clouds in the last photo are looking quite large and low to the ground. Very interesting. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Happy birthday to the big guy. There's a RV blogger out there that posts videos he takes with his little copter. Kind of fun but video is a data eater.

  4. I know it's Left Brain's toy, but I am already seeing the wheels turn in your head ... Oooooo ... we could take pictures of the babies in that nest way up there in the tree ... we could do an eye to eye when the Great Blue Heron flies by ... we could get a close up of the big alligator smile without risking any fingers ... oh boy, I can see it all now. Left Brain thinks he got a Birthday present :) But, I bet he is going to love piloting your ideas and what a great gift. I would be tempted to get one myself except, I know I would put it in the lake on the first try. What fun Queen of Thoughtful BD gifts :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Well, that looks fun! Happy Birthday, Left Brain!