Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cold and windy

Yeah, I's hard to get sympathy from our friends up north by complaining that I had to wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt today.  But it really does feel weird after sweating like a pig for the last few days.

George and Gracie start clamoring at the door to go into their tent about 9:00 and I thought I'd put them outside for just a bit to see how cold and windy it is.  George looked kind of miserable but stayed hunkered down.  Gracie seemed to be immune to it and was entertaining herself by trying to smack the loose tent stake that was flapping at the end of the sunshade.

This is them in the tent on a nicer day.

It wasn't too long before George was ready to come back in for a nap in a warm quilt and Gracie finally relented as well shortly afterwards.

It is good weather for sewing, however.  Here are a sampling of the things I've previously created.

I like to put fabric covers on my binders that I use to keep our records.
I wanted a smaller purse to carry, so made this one.  I can't believe how easy it is to insert a zipper using this method.

My favorite thing is this little pocket wallet.  It's just big enough to hold a license, credit cards, folded bills and some coins.  Because it's fabric it sticks nice in the pocket and I don't worry about it sliding out.
One of my favorite things to make are these one of a kind pillowcases.  They are nice for kids going to camp, senior citizens in homes, for special events, you name it.  They are finished inside so there are no raw edges anywhere.

There are more things in the works, I need to do some quilting and then I can show you the place mats and potholders I've made.  I also have a bunch of little pocket wallets under construction as well.

Today we drove into Inverness to go see "Gravity" in 3D.  The special effects were amazing and Sandra Bullock did a great job in it.  We checked on Google to see how old she is and all I can say is that she has the nicest body of any 49 year old woman I've ever seen.

Long Live the Queen of Wind


  1. You should sew a secret pocket in the pillow cases for valuables.

  2. Wow, very ambitious sewing projects. I thought I was special making new curtains....not! Have you considered an etsy store? Stay warm and happy sewing :-)

  3. I really love your crafts. You are very talented and creative. I still need book covers that have a bookmark, where I can change the book, when I am done.