Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's a challenge to keep Gracie stimulated, she's our little ADHD cat. George is pretty simple...feed him and rub his belly while he falls back asleep. He's such an easy guy, not much different from Left Brain actually.
George digging through the toy box for just the right toy...probably the one with the most catnip in it.

Remember the threats that your mother used to curse you with, you know...the one that goes "someday I hope you have a child just like you!"  Yeah, that one...the ultimate curse.

Well, I got really lucky and had the most even tempered laid back son anyone could ever want. Maybe it's a male thing...I see a pattern here now.

Anyway, I digress. Who would have imagined that the curse that finally came to fruition would be in the form of a multi-colored cat?

She is a challenge!  She's way too smart for her own good and seems to be almost fearless as she becomes more and more familiar with her new life.

When she runs through her tunnel and dives in and out of the cube and then chases George through the RV there are often some fairly loud thuds and thumps.  The thing that goes bump in the night at our house has a name...Gracie.

I picked up a new toy for them, a round dome that uses battery power to glide this little toy around inside on air.  Really sweet...George watched it go round and round for some time before trying to stick his paws into the holes to catch the thing and ended up looking like he was playing Twister.

Gracie repeatedly managed to not only catch the toy but pull it outside and has removed most of the fur, basically mangling the new toy in the first hour.  As you can see in this photo she has it once again in her possession and George is still trying to figure out where it went.  Poor George.

If she could, she would spend all day long outside in her little tent.  She'd love to just be lose and chase around I'm sure, but for her own safety we need to confine her.  I added a foldable footstool so she can get up higher and she loves to nap there with the breeze ruffling her fur.

Recently I've started to introduce her to walking on the leash.  It's amazing the way she'll just prance along with her tail held high...until she stops to roll on the concrete. 
Out for our walk.

We're working on the heel command....yeah right.

No, I'm not going any further! Where is my stroller?

The lessons are going well and each time we go a little bit further.  George appears to be getting jealous of this extra attention, so I will work with him on the leash inside the RV soon to prepare him for his debut.

I would love to get a cat stroller for her, or them if he would seem to enjoy it as well.  I saw one of these at the last park, or maybe it was in the park before. It was definitely while we were still in Georgia, I'm pretty sure....maybe South Carolina. Oh well, it really doesn't matter.

We'll see how that endeavor goes.  It would be nice to be able to walk with her on the leash and then tuck her into the stroller if there was any threat of her being frightened by a dog or something.

Long Live the Queen of Wild Cats


  1. Hard to tell which lady as the cutest hair style...Gracie or The Queen Jester...Loving the feline stories. pond lois

  2. Oh my, I've had a wonderful giggle over your photos this morning. Your Gracie is certainly a bundle of fun. I'll have to think about getting a couple of things to put into Pogo's tent. I hadn't thought of that. As for the stroller, if you get one you will just love it. Pogo is getting used to his now, and it makes it so much easier to take him places with me. I'm having my coffee now, but soon will be tucked into my cozy little bed for some sleep. It was a long fabulous night for riding, but quite tiring on this old body. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. More stuff if you ask me... Left Brain knew it couldn't last long.

  4. You could have told the whole leash training story in the three words .. "Heal", Ya Right! I laughed outload for that one. I am telling you that George is just a lover as are both of my boy cats. They don't seem to have anything to prove to the world ... just relax and rubbies ... more and more rubbies. That is the life they love. Diva, on the other hand is a Gracie. It must be a girl thing, ya think? Into, onto, under, over, through, high, low, open, close ... you name it and that is where you will find Diva. Gracie has those same drives (even without the hormones :) What fun ... could life be more interesting, Queen Mother of "That Child"?

    Andrea @ From the Sol