Saturday, October 12, 2013

George's Gripes

Well, once again the Queen and Left Brain are off sightseeing or whatever it is they do when they lock us up and leave us alone.

It might sound nice, having the RV to ourselves and I know everybody things cats just sleep all the time...but noooooo.

Gracie always gets stuck putting away the dishes.

The Queen likes to have everybody pitch in with chores around here.  Sometimes I think she adopted us just to have furry little slaves.

I always have to put things away for her or this place would be a mess!

But I always make sure I'm tactful about how I deal with her.

But, since we are trapped here, I guess we'd better keep up or there's no telling what kind of mood she'll be in.

I just finished the laundry here and I need a nap.

Long Live the Galley Slave Cats


  1. I am shocked and apalled, George ... I never pictured the Queen as a slave driver. But you have proof in the pictures. There are agencies you could report her to, you know :) That said, you look pretty well fed and groomed ... are you not telling us the whole story? I mean a little house work and then a soft cozy bed and a scrumpcious meal paints a different picture ... hmmmm . I am thinking that the Galley Slave Cats will live long (and happy) lives under the rule of the Queen.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. George, I do love your little sign about Tact. That's a very important thing to learn. I have to agree with Andrea, it looks like you might be dramatizing just a wee bit. You look pretty well taken care of to me. I say, helping out a bit is a small price to pay for all the comforts you enjoy. However, when the Queen is away, you're entitled to have fun and play a bit. Enjoy your day, big hugs from Edna & Pogo B.

  3. We all have our limits, and each need to do our share. As long as we are appreciated and loved...and I am sure you are! ~xo~