Saturday, October 5, 2013

moving southward in South Carolina

I woke early in the morning due to George, my own personal alarm cat, but it was welcomed as I took in the morning sounds.

There were owls calling to one another and that was really sweet to listen to, then the birds added their melody as well.

And then....and then there was the low throated sound of a Harley warming up.  Not a bad sound, just a bit out of sync with the nature sounds.  But then an airplane took off that drowned out all other sounds and it was time to rise.

We did our usual cleaning and prepping and George knew it was time to go hide.  The jacks had started to work on automatic again at the last stop, but today they needed to be raised manually again.  This requires me standing outside watching to let Left Brain know when to stop the ascent so the pins don't break.  Did I mention it had started to rain?

After dumping and hooking up the car we managed to slide into a gas pump and filled up with gas.  This required forking over cash. Did I mention our Capitol One card was compromised?

Yup, the nice lady from Capitol One called us the night before to go over a bunch of charges that looked suspicious to them and I verified the ones that were ours and denounced the odd purchases of flowers and jewelry.  Unless Left Brain has something going on on the side, those were not our charges.

The amounts charged were small and seemed harmless and part of us wanted to just eat the cost instead of cutting up our cards and waiting a week for the new ones...and then another week to have those sent to us via our mail service. 

But she explained that this is the way they do it, by charging small amounts to see if it will go through.  After the card has been tested they go after the big purchases. 

So we are without credit cards for the next couple of weeks, but it's just a inconvenience...and it'll be fine.  No, this is not one of those emails asking you to send us money, but if you do...that's fine with us as well.

We were happy to be leaving Myrtle Beach on a Friday as there is a huge motorcycle rally going on this weekend.  As we drove along I cautioned Left Brain to be careful not to "bump" any of them.  If that poor family in New York couldn't outrun them in a van we sure have no chance making a break for it in See-More, our motorhome.

Now we are in Charleston SC and this is the nicest campground yet with concrete pads to park on and fast internet.  We'll spend a day or two untangling all the mess with the credit card being used as automatic payment for many of our bills and then explore the city later.

Long Live the Queen, may she be a credit to her people...oh snap...she can't right now, can she?


  1. Oh no! I hope everything gets straightened out quickly & painlessly!

  2. I just left a comment and forgot to hit "publish" when I finished. Jeesh!! My mind is slowly leaving me. What a fabulous photo of George! I surely hope that the issue with the credit card gets cleared up quickly. What an awful thing. People can be so bad. I think I will look into Lifelock. Your new campground sounds like a great place. Enjoy, and have a fabulous day.

  3. That's why I always thank them when they call to ask about suspicious charges to our card. Better safe than sorry. What a pain for you two.