Thursday, October 3, 2013

Exploring Myrtle Beach

I finally have reached my goal of being in each of the 50 states that make up this country or ours.   Somehow I missed South Carolina and I’ve been waiting to cross this one off my list.

We arrived in Myrtle Beach to balmy beach weather and blue skies.  Our stay is at the Myrtle Beach State Park and we’ll be here for three days before we move to Charleston for a week long stay.

The camp sites here are shaded with pine trees and very spacious, the ground is covered with a layer of pine needles and the smell in the air is a mix of ocean and pine.  The Atlantic is only a short walk away from our campground and we took a hike through the wooded trails to check it out.

There was a nice breeze blowing which kept us from feeling too warm as we wandered down white sandy beach.  There are a number of fishing piers that go out into the water.

There was a young man trying his hand at a small board of some sort where he ran and jumped on to glide along the shallow water at the edge.  It looked like fun although I’m sure I’d be seeking medical help if I attempted it.  I had more fun manipulating the photos to add some sense of drama to them.

After returning to the RV and seeing what meager choices we had for lunch, Left Brain decided to take me out for lunch instead.  Hey, sometimes it pays not to have much on hand!  So we headed for the beachfront in search of food with a view.

Before long we were at the Land Shark Bar and Grill where we had an ocean view table and way too much good food.


Right next to the restaurant there was a massive Ferris wheel.  I’m sure the view from up there would be wonderful, but I really like to keep my feet ON the ground instead, so we passed on riding but it made for some fun photos.

After driving around a bit to get familiar with the area we headed home for our afternoon reading hour with the cats.  They have gotten accustomed to being in the tent now for an hour or more in the afternoon while we read.
It’s hard to believe we’ve only had them for four months and that George the Cowardly Lion would only tolerate about five minutes at a time in the beginning.  Now he clamors at the door for his turn to be carried out to the tent.


There’s a lot of noise in the park right now with a biker rally as well as the frequent sound of jets taking off and helicopters flying overhead.  But he hardly pays any attention to that anymore. I wanted to be sure he really was okay with all this, so I asked him…”George… are you having a good time?”  As you can see here he enthusiastically yelled “Yeah!”   Maybe he was yawning, it’s hard to tell.


It’s true what they say, life is a beach.

Long Live the Queen of the Beach


  1. I used to live in Charleston. It's charming.

  2. I've only driven through the Carolinas, but one day I'll get to spend a day or two. Your photos are fabulous. Great manipulations, and I just love the shot of the chairs by the water. That tent would be perfect for Pogo. Where did you ever find it? Today was another gorgeous day here. Our Fall weather is usually the best of all year. Now I'm off to make Pogo some chicken and rice. You have a wonderful time. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. It makes me want to hit the road! I, too, love the photo of the chairs on the beach. It calls to me.

  4. Yes, George looks cat-tent in his stylin' outdoor facility. :-) pond lois