Saturday, October 19, 2013

Savannah GA

We've been walking around the streets of Savannah to take in the charm of this lovely southern city. The size of the ships here amaze me.  When they're loaded with all the railroad cargo boxes it looks like giants were playing with Legos.

You have to love the humor found here, such as this shop called aptly "True Grits".

The graffiti is a little different, I've never seen it done on a plant before.  Not sure if this hurts the plant or not, I sure hope not.

There's no shortage of neat statues to be found.


There were steps and bridges everywhere, we got a good workout going from place to place.


Everywhere you go there are oak trees draped in Spanish moss.

We traveled on to Tybee Island to see the lighthouse out there and noticed the turtle crossing signs on the way, but didn't see any turtles.

The lighthouse was pretty and it looked nice with the overcast sky.

After our excursion we headed out to get's amazing how much two old people can eat, and I always marvel canopy created by the trees. Who knew grocery shopping could be so lovely?

Long Live the Queen of Savannah


  1. At least y'all won't stay long enough for the moss to start growing on ya... Enjoy!

  2. Before I even comment on this wonderful post, I must say to you once again ... are you ever going to get rid of that awful thing I have to go through in order to post on your blog. Do you have any idea what a strain on my brain it is to try to decipher that thing ... looking through cataracts and trying to line up my bifocals is nothing short of painful ... that said your blog is worth the effort, but really?

    I love this wonderful slice of Savannah. I almost feel like I have been there. It is so "Old South" with all of the historic references we read about. What a great job you did on this ... thank you for sharing Queen of Spanish Moss ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Beautiful photos. I especially love the turtle crossing, of course.

  4. Ditto Andrea's comment :-)