Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cleaning house

I could watch her work all day long....fascinating.

It was overcast here in Georgia so instead of sightseeing I decided to clean the RV. 

First the laundry went in, along with all the small rugs and little kitty quilts and such.  Left Brain contributed by adding a batch of his rags used to clean the rig.

Then I tackled the outside bays -the ones on my side anyway.  I shuffled some things around to make better use of the space and put some stuff in the space saver bags. It's amazing how you can condense a large bedspread, blanket and a couple of pillows down to a flat package. This is a must for anyone dealing with small spaces.

I must hide...she might try to toss me out with the other stuff!

After that I took everything out from under the bed and resorted that stuff.  Now all my craft supplies are my craft cubby where the second TV would be in the bedroom.  I got rid of books that I no longer wanted to drag around and opened up a space large enough that I could put the two folding tables under the bed. This makes for some extra space in the car.

My only fear here is that I'm going to turn around and find a pile of junk I forgot to put back!

Now there is a bunch of stuff riding in the back seat just waiting for the first Goodwill we spot. It's amazing how much stuff we still carried with us that wasn't really needed.   And I'm sure there will be more to go yet in the future.

Has nothing to do with todays post but I could resist sharing this -
what a perfect name for a sewage removal service!

I'm getting really good at tossing stuff's just stuff.  If you're not using it, get rid of it is my motto. Our rule is pretty much to discard anything not used in the last year.  We also go by the one thing in and one thing out rule.

Long Live the Queen of Storage Wars


  1. When we stayed at my brother's house in Grand Junction, we did a major repacking and purging. All I can say is "whatever was I thinking?" I can't believe the 'crap' we've hauled around. Next year we'll tackle the storage units back in Colorado....repeat, "Whatever was I thinking"? BTW - your kitties are tooooo cute!

  2. Gracie's photos are adorable. She has such a pretty face. I love the pic of the truck. Such a fitting name for their company! I'm trying my best to learn that rule about tossing out whatever hasn't been used in the past year. It's hard, but I'm making a little progress. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. I am of that thinking, if it isn't being used, get rid of it. Too much "stuff"! ! Your pictures of Gracie are beautiful.

  4. I, unfortunately have too much room where I can stick things. We have had this conversation before. My biggest problem is the "stuff" that I have collected throughout my life is not throw away, give away stuff. It needs to be either sold or carefully given to someone who will appreciate it. Too much work for my lazy .... My son is forever telling me, get rid of it because when I am gone he won't know what to do with it. This is my life's dilema ... There was a time when I could have sold much of it for a reasonable price, but the economy doesn't support that now, so I am stuck. I will figure this out some day. I did take your advice on the clothes ... most of them are gone. That worked. On to the next.

    Your pictures are beautiful ... Gracie is really a sweetheart ... love the ears! And "Sweet Pee" really? ... I would hire him just because of his sense of humor. Love it! So I hope you are going to throw your feet up and relax after such a busy day ... Queen of OCD

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. OMG ... you did it!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Queen of Thoughtful ...


  6. Gracie was at her best for your latest picture! Your mat that she is on is also pretty. pond lois