Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Setting up a sweat shop in the RV

I have always loved sewing and it is one of the few creative outlets I still indulge in on our new nomadic life.

Instead of having a basement full of fabrics, including a roll of quilt batting that used to hang from the ceiling, I now have a small space in which to create and to store my supplies.

I made this pumpkin runner to celebrate Autumn

One solution to this was using a jewelry holding bag I found at Hancock Fabrics. I have something similar for the jewelry that I don't seem to wear but that one has zippers.  This hanging organizer has all open pockets and as you can see it's perfect for storing all those little items such as rotary blades, thread, buttons, etc.  I just hang it on one of the overhead cabinets and everything is in clear view and at my fingertips.  It is hung in the closet with my few hanging clothes since it's basically flat.

This has made me much more focused in my approach.  I no longer hoard fabric.  Well, not as much anyway.  There's always that one bolt that just begs to have one yard to pet and adore.  But for the most part now I plan a project, get the materials if I don't already have them, and set to it in earnest.

The sewing is done at the table where we eat and use the computers.
Because it is a small space and shared with Left Brain and two cats, everything needs to be cleared out and set up for sewing.  And when the sewing is over it all needs to be put away.  Bummer.

The cutting board and pressing area pretty much take up the counter top.  This requires the dishes to be done so the sink has its covers on it.  The stove top is unusable during the process as well, only a problem if you want to cook something...I could live without that.

The projects tend to be smaller in scale as well and something that is usable. 

Not a lot of space for pretty things to put on the wall here.

But the cats always need little quilts, and there are covers for the tablet, place mats, casserole carriers, toaster covers, pillowcases...that kind of thing.

One of my favorite things are these little foldable bags. I had sent some out as gifts and I loved the photo Miss Edna took of it, so will use her image here to demonstrate this bag.

It just goes to prove that where there's a will there's a way.
And it's a good thing I have this hobby to fall back on since today I will drop off my beloved laptop at the PC Doc and I'm not sure how long I might be without it.  So, if I disappear again for a while...that's what happened.

Long Live the Queen of Sweat Shops


  1. I can't wait to see when Left Brain is the next thing to get covered...

  2. Love it. You use what space you have so well. Where did you get the pattern for the foldable bag? I love that idea.

  3. I am standing in line for one of your goodies. Are you making things (to order) to sell to a person who loves to give original gifts? If so shoot me an e-mail. Can"t hurt you know ... a little extra spending money at Christmas and since you love the sweat shop, it would be fun too. Just sayin' Queen of Talent ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Say it isn't computer? Hope you don't experience the withdrawal symptoms that I have in the past. Happy sewing!

  5. Pogo will be using his little trick or treat bag tonight. He gets to go trick or treating for a while before we set out on our long broom ride. I have to agree that you use your space fabulously well. I used to sew a lot. Every now and then I get the (tiny) itch to do it again. Who knows, maybe. Unfortunately, I'm one of those gals who can't come home from the yard goods store with only one piece of material. I'm that way with yarn and a few other crafty things too. Oh well. I have a lot to do today. Big, busy night tonight. Did Left Brain enjoy the game last night? Ahhh, the sweet feel of victory!!! You have a fabulous day my friend. Happy Halloween, Hugs, Edna B.

  6. You need to post your items and prices...I am interested. You are incredibly talented & endlessly creative! Happy Halloween!