Friday, October 11, 2013

Photoshop Friday - sunflowers

While in Massachusetts we visited the Plimouth Plantation, a fabulous living history village, and this was where we spotted this huge sunflower.

the original shot - nice sunflower but pretty blah for impact

But the background was all blown out against the sky so I used the Magic Extractor tool to remove the icky sky and put in one of my own from my collection of stock photos I have created over the years.
the blue sky makes all the difference!
Then I applied the paint daubs filter.

the paint daubs filter
And then I had to try posterizing it, one of my favorite techniques.  This is postereized to level 9.

posterized - just can't get enough of this filter

This filter is brushstrokes with accented edges.

the brushstrokes with accented edges seems to give it some movement

And then I got the results from Judi, who used 26 layers to achieve a totally different image.  All I can say is WOW. I'm so glad others have decided to play along!

The challenge for next Friday will be this image:

Long Live the Queen of SunFlowers


  1. You did a great job extracting the flower from the background and I like your treatment of the photo. Yours is definitely a "happier" sunflower than mine. I just wanted to play. Thanks for the challenge.

  2. I definitely like the new background and think I like the brushed edges the best.

  3. Judi...awesome job. I forgot to do mine this week. Will catch up for next week. I'm going to have to clean out some cobwebs to pass you. have to play also.!

  4. Very nice work. It is obvious you enjoy this, and have found a niche for your artwork in this realm. Great job; it is beautiful!

  5. I love the third image down the best. I'm sorry, I completely forgot about this. I will work on the pier photo so that I can play next week, Mary Ann!! lol You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.