Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Off to a good start....NOT

It was destined to be “one of those days”.  We woke and leisurely broke camp and just as I commented that we really had an efficient rhythm developed, it started. The jacks would not go up.  After lengthy consultations with the instructions we have on hand and trying to access the website for assistance we managed to manually get the jacks to retract.  So, we were only an hour late getting started on our days drive.

Then we realized we were headed the wrong way on 95.  Drat.  Our GPS Gremlin indicated that we could continue on this scenic little road and reach 95 south shortly.  Why do we continue to trust her?  She brought us to a road and gave the little chipper “ding ding” that indicates we should turn left and it would be right there.  Yup, the road was there but I’m pretty sure the concrete barrier and one way sign were going to prevent us from taking this route.

Now a sane person would have just admitted defeat, gotten on 95 north and turned around later; but we are not known for our mental faculties.  So off we continued on our scenic road.  In Virginia, as well as much of the east coast, the roads are narrow and have no shoulder.  The trees and foliage grow right up to the edge of the road, which is pretty but makes me a bit nervous.

No sooner had I commented on how narrow the road was when we turned a corner and saw the sign telling us “Road Narrows”. Holy crap…narrows to what?  But after winding our way down the street while providing a tree trimming service with the top of the RV we managed to get to a road that allowed us  to finally get turned around and go the correct way.

Due to the late start we had lunch on the fly to save some time and did manage to get to our next campground.  I went in to do the check in and the guy was not able to find our records.  I am so not buying a lottery ticket when things go like this...but then I never buy them anyway.  But he finally did manage to locate the records and we went to settle in.

Our site was lovely and is situated right on the bend in the Chickahominy River.  When I looked out my dining room window I coule see the water flowing with green marsh grass behind it topped off with a row of trees and pretty sky.  Too bad it was only a two day stay.

the view behind our RV

this is what I saw out my bedroom window in the morning
After relaxing outside with the kitties in their tent we went back in to fix supper.  That evening's meal required use of both the stove top and the microwave, which takes a bit more work.  To use the stove top I have to remove the two sections of the counter top and to use the microwave I have to unload all the stuff stored in there…but it’s all part of a day in an RV.

Another part of the RV life is having ever changing neighbors.  This group was interesting and it was fun watching them move in. Seven men, three pontoon boats, one trailer, one truck camper and they put up a large white tent.  It was like a cross between an Amish barn raising and a scene from Deliverance.  We didn't care...we'd be leaving in the morning anyway.


I like to do dishes as I cook to keep them from building up to an unmanageable amount so I removed the two sections of counter top over the sink to access them also. Now I’m in full production! All went smoothly and supper was prepared and eaten.  While having our dessert it seemed to be getting cool so I leaned over to shut the window.

While doing this I inadvertently knocked the counter top sections over on to the plate with the cat’s supper.  There was a horrible shattering sound and I feared they had cracked.  Luckily it was only the plate that held the cat food.  However, now I had shards of Corelle scattered amongst wet canned cat food.  Yuck what a mess. 

It was an end to a non-perfect day. 

Long Live the Queen of Mishaps


  1. Fortunately these kind of days are few and far between...

  2. Well, I am proud of you ... you seem to have held it together and that couldn't have been easy:) I sometimes think those wrong turns and back roads end up being far more enjoyable and interesting than travel along the interstate. We did that on our way home from Milwaukee and ended up having lunch in a little country town at a little country restaurant and the food was outstanding. Anyway, I am glad for you that you got to your destination in one piece, you managed to prepare a meal withoug incident ... then spoiled it by knocking the counter off ... things were just going to well for the kind of day you were having, so you had to punctuate it with chards of glass. Hope you slept well :) Queen of the inadvertent ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Today has GOT to be a better day!

  4. I'm proud of both of you too. If I were driving an RV on this tiny road, I may not have handled it so well. But oh my, your new campsite is beautiful. What a great sight out your bedroom window. I would love to be able to see trees and water outside my window. Hmmmm, maybe one day. Enjoy your stay and have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. The GPS reminds me of Bill's in the truck. It has a sick sense of humour. At least nothing went too fat awry. And you still have your great sense of humour!

  6. All in the day of a RVer. Whenever I start to pull our slides in, I always do a quick prayer....'don't fail me now". I just know one day they will. I guess its all part of the adventure. Are your jacks working now?