Tuesday, October 29, 2013

And She's Back!

I'm not sure what happened there, but I was not able to access my Blog to post for two days.  But ....it's up again and I'm back.

We are in Bushnell Fl right now, staying at Blueberry Hill RV Resort because they offered pickleball.  They have exactly one court and I've yet to see anyone on it, but they tell me the people start to show up early November.  Huh?  I'm people...I'm here.  But I will be patient.

These are photos from St Simons Island in Georgia, because I don't have any from here yet to show you.

We're waiting for our trolley ride of the Island.

St Simon lighthouse

A brave lady entering the cold water - that's the Atlantic....shiver.

Spotted this cool wood carving in a tree on our journey

I found a guy who repairs computers and will take the laptop and it's missing keys in to see what he can do for me, so there may be a lapse of posts again for a bit, but I think I can do this from my tablet.

I've been busy with some sewing projects and we did a little geocaching in the area today before going out to eat.

That's it for now - just wanted to get something out there and more photos of the current location will be coming.

Long Live the Queen of Sticky Keys


  1. We're following you again! After visiting Charleston, Savannah, a day on Tybee Island, we are now on Jekyll Island. From here we're heading to St. Augustine FL, and then along the Panhandle. We left Ely on Oct. 1 and will be home the first week in Dec. We're starting to see the wisdom of wintering in the south.

    I have your blog bookmarked and enjoy following your travels and stories. Maybe we'll meet up again some day!

    Diane Heep (Emily's friend Lydia's Grandma)

  2. I have to agree that the top photo is a stunner, but the second one is super nice! It's so refreshing and enjoyable to see married couples still enjoying life together years after the kids have grown up. Keep those photos coming. I'm enjoying this trek around the country. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.