Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Starting the week off right

"Just who-who-who are YOU looking at?"

Waldo is looking a bit peevish today.  Maybe the paparazzi is getting to him.

Monday was a busy day for us.  Left Brain needed to get in to see Dr Ted for another bone crunching and then it was off to Doctor J for his physical.  Yup.  We've reached that age where going to doctors becomes a social event.

But the real highlight was meeting up with Bob and his wife for lunch at....wait for it....Pickermans!  Could this day get any better?

Bob was going to show me his tripod head and give me info on where to purchase something like this.  He had his father's big honking lens on the camera just to show off.  I'm so envious of all these huge lenses.  I guess size really is important.  In some things...like camera lenses.

In my attempt to be a rebel I had the tomato basil soup instead of my usual potato variety of the day.  The owner just did a deer in the headlights look and for a minute I didn't think he was going to sell it to me.  I know...it was strange for me as well.

Now I have the info and can get this puppy ordered tomorrow so I can play with the varmints in the park.  I've set up several bird feeding stations, so they are starting to swarm my way.  I had so many dark birds this afternoon it felt like a Hitchcock remake of 'The Birds'.  It was almost a little creepy.

Earlier that day we stopped in to see our financial guru for a quick summary update and to change a couple of things.  When he greeted us by asking "how were the Vagabonds today?", it gave me the inspiration for a new name.  You have to visual the James Bond music playing in the background as the Queen introduces herself to someone as "My name is Bond.  Vaga Bond." 

I may have to put the soundtrack on my phone to create the right mood to pull this off, but it would be worth it.  If I only knew how to do something like that.  Isn't it disgusting when your smart phone has achieved a higher level of learning than you have?  Oh well, maybe one of the grandkids can show me how to use it when we go to visit again.

Long Live the Queen of Bonds...Vaga Bonds


  1. Love your "My name is Bond. Vaga Bond."!!!
    Kay S (currently near Yosemite)

  2. Dear Miss Vaga, (lol, lol) gosh, I just love your name!!

    Tell us more about this tripod head. This is the kind of info I can use. I agree with you, I get so jealous when the other photographers come out with their cannon sized lenses. I want one!! Of course, I probably can't lift them, but it's fun to dream. Happy shooting, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Don't even get me started on a smart phone....it's so much smarter than me. I'm hopeless and have to ask my kids for help all the time. Size "always" matters!!! Thumbs up to the new name :-)