Friday, April 5, 2013

Photo Fun Friday

I'm taking a page from Andrea and trying out a theme.  There's no guarantee that this will continue, but my plans are to post a photoshop project each Friday.

This will force me, er..I mean encourage get off my tookas and make it happen.

This is what the photo of a bird looked like as it came out of the camera.

Then I used the magic extractor to get rid of everything but the bird and his perch.

I added the background and threw in a butterfly graphic that I thought would look nice with it.

Then I applied a couple of different filters to it, one with soft light and one with multiply, both reduced to about 50% opacity.

It didn't take very long to accomplish and was kind of fun, both things I enjoy immensely.

This is how it ended up after the altercations.

Also, a thank you to Wayne from PA for his suggestion of a mono pod.  I've been researching this and think that may be the answer for me, especially if I get a nice ball-head mount for it.

Long Live the Queen of the Birds



  1. Photoshop is on my list of "learn to" things. Any advice on getting started? Hey, good job driving the rig. At Cave Creek I hooked up and moved ours all by myself, while Al stayed back at a safe distance. Safe travels, Ingrid

  2. Long Live the Queen of PhotoShop you mean ... this is absolultely awesome. I didn't know about this side of you ... I am very impressed. And now I will be looking forward to your Friday posts. You should join Photo Art Friday ... we have a great time and you can post anything you want if you don't like the prompt (which rarely happens because Bonnie's prompts are fun and educational).

    I must make this short because I have to get up early tomorrow for Izzi's Trial. But, I will be back, maybe tomorrow. Love the picture ... Queen of Right Brain :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol