Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Last Day in Cave Creek

We had a leisurely day today, but that's kind of the standard for us.

I put a pork roast in the crockpot with potatoes, onions, carrots and a jar of sauerkraut and let it cook all day long.
Then I mixed up a batch of egg salad to have later for lunch.

this is the grumpiest looking bird I've ever seen...he must be having a bad day or something

Most of the morning was spent taking photos of whatever crossed my path.  I was attempting to use my tripod with my better lens and really dislike the process but I can't argue with the results.  I just don't seem to hand hold things very well.

It was fun watching the rabbits, chipmunks and birds scampering about in search of the seeds and other tidbits I'd left for them.

After lunch we did a little geocaching and found seven of the eight we searched for.  I had to concede to having to enter that we couldn't find one, but that's the way it goes.

When we returned we started to prepare for take down in the morning.  Left Brain hooked the scooter up to the car and I put away some odd sundry items.  The bulk of the operation will take place in the morning. 

Then we will head down into Tucson for our next stay.  It's a neat area with lots to see so we're going to want to spend some time there.

After that we'll start heading eastward and when the weather looks agreeable we'll work our way back into Wisconsin.

Our oldest granddaughter turns twelve years old today, so we had to call and sing happy birthday to her.  Poor thing.  We are not known for our vocal harmonizing, but at least she only has to deal with it once a year.

Long Live the Queen of Wildlife


  1. I think your pictures are great, but if you don't like to use a tripod, have you ever considered a monopod? It's a single expandable leg and provides a more stable camera platform than hand holding the camera, but not as stable as a tripod. It is lighter and easier to carry and easier to set up.

    Just a suggestion.

    Wayne from PA

  2. The photos are beautiful!
    We geocache also, but I must admit I lost interest while in the East. Caches are really hidden in the East with all the fallen foliage, underbrush etc. Now that we are in AZ, they are fairly easy to find and I'm regaining my enjoyment of geocaching.
    Here at Dead Horse Ranch SP, there are dozens within a short or long hike's distance.

  3. You should contact Kelly. She used to live in Tucson and could probably give you some sightseeing pointers.

    1. I love love love your photos! I think that birds and animals are the most fun things to photograph. My hands are shaky a lot, but I find things to lean against or to set the camera on. I do have a monopod, but unless your hands and legs are steady, they aren't that much help. I carried one around in Wisconsin for a few days, and finally decided that it made a great walking stick.

      Whatever you are doing, it's working. Your photos are wonderful. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.