Saturday, April 13, 2013

Travels through Texas

We continue our push through west Texas.  I used to think that going through Nebraska or Illinois was unbearable, but this is worse.  There is nothing in west Texas so the living conditions have been sparse.

We spent our first night on the road at a Camping World store and I prepared the tuna salad to have during our lunch stops. 

Last night was spent at Walmart so we could replenish our groceries.  A trucker pulled up right next to us and ran his generator for a good long time.  Between that, loud mufflers and constant lights neither of us got a good nights sleep.  We might as well been in Las Vegas again for the lights and noise.

Having no electricity there is no clock to guide us and with the constant light we missed daybreak.  So about 10:00am we rose and started our day.

While Left Brain was driving I commented that we were being passed by a flying squirrel.  It wasn't actually a flying squirrel, you know how I love to embellish the facts.  It was one of those motorcycles with the handlebars so high it looks like they are hanging off a set of monkey bars.  This rider had on an oversized gray sweatshirt that was billowing in the wind and to me he resembled a flying squirrel.  Not to be confused with the flying monkeys...that's a whole different story.

While battling our way through the wind we stopped at a picnic area to have the tuna salad yet again.  There are all these blue flowers blooming along the highway, as well as some lovely pink and reddish ones.

I needed to stretch my legs for a bit before continuing so I walked down closer to them to get a better look and snap a photo or two.

Finally at about 4:00 I wanted to get off the road here in Denton TX while there was still some sort of population to be seen.  So currently we are north of Fort Worth and heading for the Oklahoma border.

After the noisy night at Walmart we stopped again at a Camping World and had a chance to do some shopping before they closed.  It's right by the highway so there's road noise but not as bad as the parking lot noise at Walmart.

Our waste tanks are filling up and the fresh water is getting low, so I think we'll be looking for a campground with hookups tomorrow night.

I keep getting weather reports and photos to back it up, and even a video of a sleet and hail storm of the mess they call Wisconsin.  We are in no hurry to return to this.

Today my friend Karen posted photos of her slogging through the mud in Goose Island, our future home.  Yup....we'll take our time and stay south a bit longer yet. 

Long Live the Queen of West Texas


  1. No rush. It's chilly. Even though I do want to see you!

  2. Those pretty blue flowers are called "blue bonnets". Gosh, to have them here, I would have to go to a garden center to buy them (if they had them), but there they grow along side the highways. Go figure. It's the same in Virginia, they have morning glories and four o'clocks growing wild. At least in Suffolk.

    Ah well, it's getting close to my bedtime. I have to get up at 5 a.m. to go to work. This one is the long shift, 24 hrs. Oh yes, I remembered to buy the pizza when I went shopping. And I have a bowl of diced green pepper in my freezer to splatter all over my half of the pizza when we decide to eat it. Yummmmm! You have a wonderful night, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Love those bluebells. Don't envy you heading back to WI. We spent Easter week in IL....WHY??? Yeah, west TX is about as interesting as Nebraska. Safe travels :-)

  4. There is beauty and interest everywhere. It is so wonderful that you get to share it with us. Thanks!
    I feel bad for the trucker. If he was stuck at a WalMart, he ran out of hours or had log issues, probably stranded at a "safe haven". They have it rough.