Sunday, April 21, 2013

Photos from Old Tucson when we were in Arizona

While we were in the Tucson area we took in many of the local attractions.  But by far I'd have to say that Old Tucson Studios was my favorite.

As a child I was immersed in all things western and so many of my best memories were some of these older movies and generally anything "cowboy" at all.  That must be why I seem to love the west so much.

Unfortunately we arrived too late to catch the stunt demonstration.  Rats!  There's nothing better than watching someone get shot on a roof and falling to the ground. Oh well, perhaps in a future visit.

We wandered around the movie sets and took in as many of the performances as possible.  They did a live performance from a scene of 'the Quick and the Dead' and I just fell in love with the young woman who played the female gunfighter.  She appreared in several of the other skits we saw during the day.  Talented, beautiful and with long...long legs.

The narrated tour gave an abundance of information about many of the films were filmed here and I found this just fascinating.  Not all of the movies shot here were westerns, but the majority were.

The adobe buildings were created in 1939 by the hands of the local Indian tribes and many are still standing.  The managed to build these (including making the mud bricks) in six weeks.

There was a railroad ride around the park that we took and this gave us some views that you can't get by walking about.

This was not the train we were on.  Remember the old show 'The Wild Wild West'?

This was the train used in the filming of that television series.

She would give me thise funny looks all during the dance with Left Brain

The Grand Hotel had many of the shows, including this one were the 'madam' was seen dancing with Left Brain.  She would work her way around the crowd, often insulting people and making the best expressions.

They had just finished filming a western whose working title was 'a hot bath and a stiff drink', but who knows what the title might be after production is finished.  I'll be watching for this one so I can view the familiar scenes we took in on our tour.

Anything with the movie studios has always fascinated me.  Probably because I prefer make believe to real life and have always been in love with films and reading fiction.

Long Live the Queen of Westerns


  1. I always wished I were a cowgirl, like Annie Oakley.
    Long Live the Queen!

  2. Wow, this had to be a lot of fun!! What a great photo of Left Brain and the Madam. I love the photos, and the walk through Old Tucson Studios. Brings back memories of my brother and I coming home from the movies back in the 40's. Every Saturday at the movies, we saw at least one Western, sometimes two and played cowboys all the way home. Those were such fabulous years. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.