Thursday, April 4, 2013


A friend asked me recently how it was going, our new life of traveling.  I replied that this is so much fun it should probably be illegal.

We try to give thanks each day for the bountiful blessings that have been given to us, and to give thanks to each other for the small kindnesses that we show one another.

It's far too easy to become complacent, or worse yet, feel entitled to a comfortable life.

We are of an age that we know how lucky we have been and that it can all change in a heartbeat.

So we go on each day giving thanks for all that has been bestowed upon us and hope that our luck continues.

These are the feelings that came to me when I saw this photo I took.  At first I was going to dismiss it as the chipmunk's eyes were closed, but then it appeared to me as if he was praying.

Long Live the Queen of Gratitude

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  1. I love this picture and this post! Thank you for this!