Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We've been studying our options for what entertainment we want to see during our short stay here in Branson.  For those of you who think this is just all country music, think again.

There's Silver Dollar City where there's over 100 craftsmen, 30 rides and attractions and 40 live shows, but we've been there already.

During our previous visits we've enjoyed the dinner theatre of The Dixie Stampede, an indoor area with trick riding, stampeding buffalo, comedy, singing, dancing, 32 show horses...all while enjoying a four course feast.

We've seen the violin magic of Shoji Tabuchi many times which features the talent of his family and other guests.  Just visiting the bathroom is an experience in this theatre with all its opulence.  For example, the men's room features a full sized pool table.  No, I wasn't in there, I'll just have to take Left Brain's word for it.

If it's shopping you want, there are the 65 stores at the Tanger Outlets.  Crafts are your thing?  Try the Branson Craft Mall.  The Grand Village is filled with boutiques and specialty stores.  Need more Christmas decorations?  Go to the Kringles Christmas Store.  There's too many other places to even start to mention but as you can see there is a variety to please everyone.

For comedy, one of my favorites is The Baldknobbers Jamboree Show. This is where I learned the name 'Harley Worth-It' and used that to name our little blue scooter.

Another great comedy act is Yakov Schmirnoff, but last time we were there I ended up getting us on stage, so I doubt Left Brain will trust taking me there again.  Also, we just saw him at the Escapee Rally last September.

The Duttons impressed us so much on a previous visit to Branson that we saw them again while in Mesa AZ.  This is the most amazingly talented family act.  We had the opportunity to talk to the mother while in Mesa and she laughingly told us they never expected to be a major act.  She enrolled the kids in music and dance lessons to keep them busy and teach them discipline.  And it certainly worked, I've never seen anyone do violins the way this group can.

We'll probably go see Legends in Concert again this trip as the cast keeps changing.  It's easy to forget that they aren't really the original singers.  The looks, mannerisms and vocals are uncanny.

Some of the new acts are a Neil Diamond tribune as well as a show called Abba's Dancing Queen

There's a variety of magic shows to see, as well as Chinese acrobatics featuring the new Shanghai circus.

Do you like museums?  The Titanic museum is a tribute to the ship.  This year they have a new gallery dedicated to the children of the Titanic.

There are several zipline adventures to indulge in, since I chickened out in Las Vegas.

There's the standard Ripley's Believe it or Not and the Wax Museums, but I've never found those to be terribly fulfilling.  Actually the wax museum kind of creeps me out - too lifelike, I keep waiting for them to move.

There's always the riverboat dinner cruise or the Branson Scenic Railway.  On a slow day we could go to the Imax again, those are always fun.  But their is rain predicted for the next few days, so I think we'll want indoor shows this trip.

I've been to the Butterfly Palace where you walk among butterflies from all over the world and it was a photographer's dream come true.  But as they say...been there, done that.  Maybe this time I should visit the National Tiger Sanctuary, but I just did something similar to that in Las Vegas so I may want to wait until my next visit here.

You could go to shows every day for weeks on end and not be able to take it all in.  All the shows are clean and you can be any age to enjoy them all.  It's a great family vacation area.  The prices for the shows are generally under $40 making it affordable to take in several.  There's more restaurants around here than you can believe, again with good prices.

So much to see, so little time.  That's why we keep returning to this area over and over again.  Not only is the entertainment first rate (and affordable!) but the local area is scenic and beautiful with it's lakes and rolling hillsides.

But I'm noticing a couple of new shows that look totally different from anything we've seen in the past.  So I think we'll head out today and enjoy lunch and find tickets for these acts.  We like to attend the matinees instead of evening performances and this town is set up to accommodate for seniors like us.

So, enough promoting the area!  We've got places to go...things to see!

Long Live the Queen of Branson


  1. Dead Armadillos and great entertainment ... sorry, I was behind so I read two of your posts at the same time. To say that you lead an interesting life hardly scratches the surface, though I have to say that Branson sounds a lot more interesting that Dead Armadillos and Slow moving Jack Rabbits. I would be sad to see all of that carnage ... maybe Okalahoma should invest in some fencing to keep the wild animals off the road ... you know "Save a Life Fencing". I am sure they could get funding for it, right? But, back to Branson ... I must be ignorant. I had no idea there was such a place. I am sure my Right Brain husband knows, but would never tell me. I would be like the Road Runner in a place like that. It sounds marvelous and I am glad you are staying there. I know everything looks beautiful and springy there, but it ain't happenin' here. Oh, if you can equate rain to Spring, maybe. But it is still cold and the flowers are just starting to push up through the ground. I am guessing they are wishing they could climb back down underground given what is greeting them. So it is storms, storms and more storms. The lake is high already (didn't we just have a drought???)and the ground will be soaked if it is thawed ... can't really tell. Anyway it may be a good start for a prolific Spring, but it is taking way too long ... hurry up, already! So enjoy and don't even think about coming north until I give you the word :) Enjoy the warmth, Queen of Choices ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. I managed to visit Nashville twice, but never had the chance to make it to Branson. Everyone I know who has been there says how fabulous it is. So enjoy it, and if the weather gets better, that river cruise sounds wonderful. Have a great time. Hugs, Edna B.