Sunday, April 7, 2013

Learning to read the RV park descriptions!

Well, once again the Queen has fallen for how RV parks are written up.  Plus, this is what happens with the directionally impaired member of the team chooses where we stay.

our "premium" site

As we wound around and around I was wondering just what we would find when we arrived at the RV park.  It seems to be in the middle of nowhere, as many of them do.  This is nice for quiet but not so good for getting around and this is an area we will want to play tourist.  But it does seem that two of the major things I want to see are somewhat nearby.

The office.  Perhaps the chandelier and cigar store Indian may have been my first clue this was different

The main considerations for chosing this site was that it had free Wi-Fi and pickleball.  I've learned to be somewhat discerning when reading about the Wi-Fi available.  Unless it says FREE Wi-Fi you can guarantee you're going to be paying a daily fee fot it.  This is usually the case of when it's worded as "Wi-Fi available".

The mail is delivered to you by your last name - kind of a communal, no privacy approach

As soon as I checked in I asked about the pickleball courts and she pointed to where it was.  Yup.  There is one court with a low fence around it that I doubt will stop any stray balls from flying outta there.

The minute I checked in with my Passport America discount she moved me to a "premium site" for an additional $2 a night so I could enjoy the lovely mountain view.  I fell for it.  Duh!  They're mountains - you can see them from anywhere in the park!  What was I thinking?
This is their mascot, I'm sure there's a store behind it somewhere - he is pretty cool

Let's check the rest of the description, shall we?

Library - yes, they had bookcases with books and videos

Card Room- I'm guessing this is part of the library or it may have been the series of little gazebos in the back by the pickleball tennis court, bocce ball, horseshoe pit and exercise equipment.

Laundry-yes, a 24 hour laundry with small washer and dryers - the kind that stack and appear to be apartment sized

Pitch and Put Golf - yes, but remember this IS the desert.

Mini Golf - see above, kind of the same thing if you ask me

Pickleball Tennis (I didn't realize it was one word, read it as having both) - well, kind of.  It appears to be one court for playing both; however, the fence appears to be lacking for any kind of ball least the way I play.

If you run too far back and miss the fence, no problem...those concrete blocks will stop you cold!
Bocce Ball - I think so, not sure.  I'm guessing it's this sandy pit?  There were two horseshoe targets as well, not even mentioned in the write up!  BONUS!

Exercise Equipment - this was another BONUS as it wasn't actually mentioned.

Dog Run - this seemed to be pretty nice.  It even had a saguaro cactus to lift their legs on, although that could be a problem.

Extensive Winter Activities - I'm not sure what these may have been since it's now spring and there aren't any activities I can see. 

Miles of Hiking Trails- Yup, the park borders 40,000 acres of public land and hiking trails.  Kind of tells you how far out of town we are, huh?  But...there are no trains going by a night and it's quiet, so that's a plus.

These reminded me of when I learned to read the ads for houses for sale.  Handyman Special meant it was a falling down wreck.  Quaint meant it had outdated plumbing and wiring.  You get the picture.

But the Wi-Fi is steady and reliable and the price was right at $15 a night.  Ooops, I mean $17 a night for our premium site.

Long Live the Queen of Fine Print


  1. So where is this "five star" resort? Yeah, I've learned to read between the lines too. Sights in the area? Can't wait to hear about'm.

  2. Oh, the poetic license taken in advertising. You got to admit though, the scenery is priceless. Can you explain what pickleball is? All this time I hear you talk about how much fun it is, but I have no clue. Thanks. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. As soon as I saw the "office" I knew...Justin's Diamond RV park. We just recently stayed at Desert Trails next door. $28.00 per night. Facilities may be nicer at Desert Trails, but you are crammed in like sardines!!!! We were lucky to get site#52, which actually had some nice privacy.
    Desert Trails sells the Fun Coupon pack for $15. instead of $18. if you plan on going to some tourist things. Arizona-Sedona Desert Museum is great. The Coyote Pause Cafe on the way there is very good also.

  4. There must be some unwritten RV ers's code " LET them find out on their own first." I guess it's part of the adventure.