Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back in Wisconsin again

When we flipped the switch on See-More to leave Missouri he protested by lighting up the check engine light.  Left Brain couldn't see any reason for it, so we drove all the way back to Wisconsin with the light one.  It's still on.  We'll get that checked out while we're here.

As we left the area that had been hit by tornados we crossed into the areas that had been flooded, but with no least with Mother Nature.

The GPS lady apparently had been hitting the sauce or just had a grudge against Left Brain for something.  Periodically she'd announce a turn, complete with cute little ding ding noise she does, but it would be for a dirt road through a pasture.  Sometimes there was no road to turn on at all.  But since he tends to ignore her most the time anyway, it was just fine.

We left Missouri and shortly after entering Iowa found a casino to park at for the night.  This was our first dry camping in a casino parking lot and so far was my favorite.  There's an area for larger rigs like ours and we snuggled in with another RV and several semi trucks for the night.

The next day it was time for me to do some driving again as I had let him handle the heavy winds and rain the day before.
During my turn behind the wheel we ran into heavy construction with a 10' maximum width, which to me was terrifying.  The worst part involved crossing a bridge where the guardrail had already been hit a few times and was bowed inwards toward the road. 

This is where Left Brain started yelling "LEFT...LEFT...LEFT" to keep the sides of the RV from scraping the metal railing.  About 10 miles down the road I resumed breathing and managed not to cry.  And they say that driving an RV can be so relaxing... bull twinkles!

Shortly after this little adventure there was a crash further back in the RV when the table decided to come loose and fall to the floor.  Usually the bangs and crashes are the silverware drawer flying out, my closet doors swinging open or the shower door sliding back and forth - this was new.

The drivers seat also was not adjustable anymore, maybe a fuse blew?  That would have to be repaired as well.

The other concern we'd had was the horrible grinding noise the bedroom slide made when it went in and out.  My fear was that this would suddenly be nonoperational and require immediate attention.

But we made it to our campground early in the afternoon and settled in.  This is where we found that the water was not operational yet and we would have to fill our water tank at the county office before setting up.  It's been cold up this way and it's caused some problems.  We should have water by this weekend so it's no big deal.

I managed to get the table cleared out and he put some new screws into it and it went right back into place without a hitch.  After crawling around the base of the drivers seat I managed to hook the wires back together and now the chair is operational again.  When the slides went out he found my missing sleep mask so now it doesn't make any hideous noises any more and I have my sleep mask back.  I could have used that in Las Vegas! 

So, other than the battle of wits between the GPS lady and Left Brain we're doing pretty good.

Long Live the Queen of Home Repair



  1. We call the satellite GPS in Bill's Big Rig "Hal", like the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey. He is always giving crazy directions, and Bill tells him off. Then I say, "I can't do that, Dave..." he had us a cornfield once...and we were on an Interstate! He kept telling us to do U turns! Glad you are safe!

  2. At least you know how to use your GPS. I've had my phone for well over a year, and I still don't know how to use the GPS on it. No one else has a problem with it, just me. Really makes me feel good to be so tech savvy! lol. I'm glad you are safely back to Wisconsin. I have to give you big credits for your driving skills. I don't know if I could have driven the RV as well as you did. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Wow, I step away for a week and look what happens. You are home and it is still cold :( But, getting warmer, at least here it is). You are a true trooper ... I guanantee you that the side of any RV I was driving in those conditions would be taged at least once. Sounds to be like your Canned Ham was protesting the return to Wisconsin.

    Awesome MOM flower, Queen Jester. You have really been coming out lately. I am impressed with your many talents. If I ever get back on track here, I will be looking for more from you.

    I am with you ... it is wonderful to watch the very talented family act in Branson ... but I only have one granddaugter and am perfectly happy with that. I come from a small family (one sister) ... had a small family (a boy and a girl) and have only a small potential in terms of great grand children and that suits me just fine. The world we live in today ... not a good place for children to grow up in. Anyway, I can see why you would have enjoyed their show and they seemed very content in thier lifes choices. So all in all, your travels have been simply wonderful and fulfilling for you, Left Brain and for all of us who have been riding along vicariously. Now that you are home ... what's next Queen of CheeseHeads ? :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol