Thursday, April 11, 2013

Too dusty, leaving Arizona

We have learned a valuable lesson, but I'm sure many of you would have already thought of this.

Please note that this file is in a jpeg format!

When there is a raging dust storm with 50 mph winds one should keep the windows closed, no matter how good the breeze might feel at the moment.

My pillow looked like I'd used it to mine for gold.  Every square inch of the RV inside (and outside) was caked in a layer of visible dirt.  I wasn't sure if I should wash the dashboard or plant get the idea.

So after I cleaned the inside and he tackled the outside we were preparing to leave.  The mail arrived on schedule so we were able to leave earlier this morning.

In our excitement to return to our new homeland of Texas we blazed through Arizona and New Mexico, both of us taking turns at the wheel.

We are settled in on the parking lot of Camping World in Anthony TX and lo and behold they have a nice strong free wi-fi available.  We're up on concrete, no hookups, but no charge either.

So while running the generator to watch a little TV and do some baking for tomorrow I also mixed up a batch of tuna salad for the road tomorrow.

We're keeping one on the weather in the Midwest and can see it's still too early to head north, so we'll keep running eastward until we hit Branson MO and probably stay there a few days until it's safe.

It feels good to be back on the road again and moving.

Long Live the Queen of Dry Camping


  1. Did you at least fill one little pot with dirt and plant a potato? An Arizona tater would be so special!! I know that the dust storms can be quite devastating. Do be careful, and safe travelling. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. I read your post last night then went down to watch the news and they showed pictures of tornados in MO. I sure hope you weren't close to that. I thought of you immediately, but there was nothing I could do.

    So are you actually returning to Wisconsin? You won't be that far from me if you are ... maybe we could meet for lunch at a halfway point, just sayin' It would be fun to meet you face to face.

    I love your Jaypeg ... so is that you holding the camera and if so who took the picture? You still haven't shared with us what kind of camera you are using. It sure takes nice pictures with you at the helm.

    You are right, it is still cold up here and supposed to stay that way, at least into next week. I have long been ready for a change to warm weather, but it seems to be eluding us. The migrating birds don't seem to be daunted by the weather ... they are coming in droves. Our Pelicans are here, at least a few of them. I was told the big group came when the lake was still frozen (unseasonably late) so they went elsewhere. Don't know if they will be back or not.

    My friend was caught in an Arizona dust storm and she said it was awful ... and she didn't have her windows open. I am guessing that won't happen to you again ... lesson learned, right? Well, Queen of the Road, I hope you are safe. I will be anxiously awaiting another post to make sure you missed the bad weather in Missouri ... Be well

    Andrea @ From The Sol