Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photoshop Fun Friday

As typical I'm a day late and a dollar short.  It must have been that sleepless night that threw me off.  Or it's just a retired thing and I lose track of what day it is.  Anyway...I meant to post this yesterday...on Friday.  I'll try to pay closer attention next week.

I have had so much fun playing with an image I found on Facebook.  This young dancer is incredibly talented and the photographer caught the moment perfectly.

Here is the original photo as I found it:

It was hard to try to perfect it, but I decided to crop it and alter the background - this is my second attempt:

Then I tried out different filters - this is dry brush:

This is watercolor:

This is sponge:

This has poster edges:

This one I added some texture overlays:

Then finally (and my favorite) I added text:

The variations are subtle but each one seems to carry its own little bit of magic.

Long Live the Dancing Queen



  1. Next time we have time together, I want some tutoring! You're variations are wonderful!!
    Kay Seliskar

  2. Ooh! You're good! I love the last one, too.

  3. Adding the words really made this amazing. Great work!

  4. You have been hiding your talents ... amazing work. Beautiful choice of subject and great results. Not familier with "Photo Shop Fun Friday" is that a meme or is that something you are doing for yourself. Very cool idea and we could all learn from you if that is the case. If it is yours, you should make it a meme :) Queen of Secret Talents ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. always fun to follow your daily doings. fun photos! fun you! stop in any time! pond lois