Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Written lies

Well, today I did something brand new for me.  I signed a document knowing it was not true.  My neighbor stopped by the house with a request to sign some kind of form and I figured it was just some political thing or a petition to get rid of one of our neighbors, you know...something normal.  But no!  She needed two witnesses to state she was thinking clearly and of sound mind and body.  I see the other signature was her husband, but then again he kind of has to sign it....and his grasp on reality is pretty loose anyway.  Hmmm.  Maybe that's why she came to me.

I signed it, of course, what's a friend to do?  But afterwards I started to remember all the craziness I had seen exhibited.  Like the time I brought back a tacky chandelier from my daughter's house when they remodeled and she proudly carried it up the valley to her house...with a glass of wine in the other hand.

And then there was the famous Apple Valley rubber ducky parade.  Well, it was just a parade of the two of us and of course the rubber ducky.  When we get rain in the valley the ditches become torrents of water gushing down the entire mile of our road.  I believe it was her idea to float something from one end of the valley to the other, and I had the rubber ducky, so off we went.

It was great fun watching it hurl downstream and go through the culverts.  At each driveway we would hold our breath and wait for it to emerge and then cheer and run to the next driveway.  When we got to Alice's house it did not emerge.  Alice then came out with a 10 foot pole, no questions asked, and we managed to free the ducky. She let us borrow her pole for the rest of our journey.  We resembled shepherds with our staff as we traversed down the valley.

It was such fun!  The further down the valley we got, the giddier we became and laughed more and more.  I noticed at this point that families out walking with their children would cross to the other side of the road, moving quickly, and always with a backward glance for their safety.

Finally the ducky went under and never came up again.  So sad.  I posted a reward poster in all the neighbors mailboxes with a reward, but it was never found.  Okay, maybe this was not such a good example of her insanity as it doesn't speak well for me either.

Long Live the Queen of the Rubber Ducky

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