Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh, TODAY is National No Homework Day. Ooops!

Well!  That was embarrassing!  I posted todays topic yesterday because I couldn't remember what day it was. Dag nabbit!  Now I can't do my housework today, either.  Oh well...I'll just have to get by somehow.  

But, the Kindle covers are finished  and ready for their debut. Each one is heavily padded and has an inside pocket and decorative flap on the front to keep it secured. 

This is done in a red hat theme
The inside corners hold it in place.  Custom orders are available in whatever colors or special theme you might like.  

There will be carrying bags coming to coordinate or match that could double as a small purse. 

I know I enjoy taking mine with me to restaurants when I'm dining alone and all I need is a little cash and my keys.  Where did I put those keys again?

Cat theme in black and's the cat's meow
Being forgetful is not an odd thing for me.  I had to ask someone in the checkout line yesterday if it was 2010 or 2011.  It kind of slipped my mind.  

Good gift for those quilters that love reading
When you're retired you lose track of things...the date, your keys, where the car is parked, did I put pants on before leaving the house...that kind of thing.

Another quilting theme
I only left the house once without pants, but that was while in the midst of a deep depression. Thank goodness I'd forgotten my keys and when I patted my pants pocket to see if they were there... I hit skin. 

Boy..I can just picture me explaining that to the nice officer when pulled over for speeding.  I like to always have a creative story ready in case it happens.  And in case Left Brain is reading hasn't ever happened...hardly.

In case you are forgetful also, you can put an information card in the inside pocket.  In fact, I'll prepare one for you (if I remember) and have it ready for you.  That way, should you ever leave your Kindle behind, the card will enable the finder to locate you for it's safe return.

Long Live the Queen of...something...I forget

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  1. These ae fantastic! A set done in hummingbirds would be really nice for my eldest daughter. She got a kindle for xmas. Here's my email. You have a great day. hugs, Edna B.