Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random thoughts on food and such

When you spend as much time obsessing over food and when the next "meal" is...and I use the term loosely, you start thinking of the word play involved.
There's not wanting something to go "to waste" or in my case "to waist".  The fact that the word diet starts with the word die.  The realization that if you drop the bottom part of the E in EAT you get FAT.
Since ruminating on words is truly calorie free it's become a past time lately.  I never thought the sight of celery would be so exciting. I feel as though I'm back to being a toddler and wanting to put everything I see into my mouth.
A friend of mine has a blog going with her journey to a healthier self and it's been very inspiring to me.  To follow it go to http://naturerules--eatingless.blogspot.com

Long Live the Queen of the Frustrated Food Fetish

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  1. Hi, I visited your friend's site and was quite impressed. You ladies are an inspiration for me. I did leave her a comment, but Google wouldn't let me post it, so it's not there. I'll try again another time. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.